Here’s Why David Vitter Is Absolutely Right About State Troopers In The French Quarter

Because New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the NOPD are simply not capable of providing anything resembling public safety in the city. He made those comments at a gubernatorial forum this weekend.

Here’s the Times-Picayune‘s write up.

“Violent crime is out of control in the city of New Orleans and the top reason is lack of leadership in the city of New Orleans,” said Vitter, while speaking to a gathering of Louisiana State Police in Baton Rouge Saturday (Aug. 8).

Vitter went on to say the New Orleans Police Department has deteriorated under Landrieu’s leadership and is not “up to the task” of protecting tourists and city residents. This is one of the reasons Louisiana State Police have to provide an extra layer of protection in the French Quarter.

Vitter said the State Police should stay permanently in the French Quarter. He’s right.

The NOPD is so incompetent and corrupt that Landrieu brought in the Feds to take it over. They have done such a bang up job that cops are leaving the force in droves and the fundamental issues with the NOPD remain.

Landrieu “responded” by whining about Vitter not sending more Federal money down. Because the City of New Orleans should never be forced to make it a priority. Oh and he says Crime Is Down!™

The only way will you save New Orleans is the state government will have to drag it kicking and screaming. If you leave the Mitch Landrieus and the other Democrat Party hacks in the city to their own devices, New Orleans will continue to decline. All these hacks know how to do is pander to their constituents and will not entertain any of the reforms necessary to save the city.

When David Vitter is elected governor, he needs to force reform after reform on the city in order to save itself. He should push a bill to let Lakeview leave the city so Landrieu won’t be able suck that productive conservative Republican enclave dry with taxes. He should seek to otherwise make the New Orleans city government as irrelevant to the citizen’s lives as possible. Finally, let’s pass a party primary bill so Republicans in New Orleans can have a chance in municipal elections.

Vitter should welcome Landrieu’s challenge and break his empire.





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