VIDEO: Scott Angelle Releases Ad On Religious Freedom

Scott Angelle is running another ad statewide, this time on religious freedom. With cases on everything from wedding cakes for gay couples to eminent domain use on churches in Houston making the news, the country is debating religious freedom.

Angelle is trying to do two things with this ad.

  1. He’s trying to establish his own social conservative credentials. Religious freedom is the social conservative hot button issue right now. It’s even bigger than abortion or gay marriage. Conservative Christians genuinely believe that their beliefs are under attack from the government. This is Angelle’s messaging to them that he feels their pain and he stands with them. He’s defining himself before David Vitter does it for him.
  2. He’s trying to make a play outside of his Acadiana base and specifically north of the Red River. North Louisiana is truly up for grabs this year. A lot of the religious conservatives aren’t too big on David Vitter because of the hookers. They’re not coming out and opposing him per se, but they really don’t want to vote for him. Angelle is trying to make a play for that vote without harping on the hookers. It’s a smart move on Angelle’s part. Plus, Angelle is also making a play for the conservatives in the Baton Rouge area who aren’t too big on Jay Dardenne because they think he’s a RINO.

The ad itself is well-done, like almost everything Angelle has put out so far. Will it be effective? It depends on where and how long this ad is run.



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