VIDEO: Trump Unloads On Huma Abedin

The faux outrage over this, and its clear connection to the “War On Women” or whatever, will be all the rage on the cable news networks today – or at least that’s the guess here.

But it’s not that outrageous. In fact, the subject matter that created the opportunity for Trump to bring these people up in the first place is far more outrageous. He didn’t even talk about what’s really outrageous in this story – namely, the fact that Huma Abedin, who one wouldn’t think could possibly get a security clearance given her close familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, was not only privy to virtually all of our state secrets but was privy to them while holding multiple private sector jobs at the same time she was working for Hillary Clinton in the State Department.

Along comes Trump to take a big dump on the whole thing, and it’s quite entertaining…



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