Did You Catch Greg Gutfeld Telling Geraldo Rivera “Screw You!” On Friday?

We missed this one, but it’s satisfying to watch.

It’s from The Five on Fox News, and it happened Friday during a conversation about the Roanoke shootings. Rivera was conducting his usual mindless, emotionalist blabbering about how we need changes to the law in order to stop people from doing horrible things – though interestingly, legal changes don’t seem to stop lawbreakers from breaking laws – and taking shots at our 2nd Amendment rights.

And all the while Gutfeld sits quietly, as his steam rises.

The buildup goes about two and a half minutes, and then finally Gutfeld gets the floor – and when he gets it he explodes on Rivera’s hypocrisy, sanctimony and lies.

And it’s wonderful.

Here, see for yourself…



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