The Best of The Red Bayou Show, Volume 1

In our 1st “Best of” Show we look back on three conversations with some of our guests.

1st up is Randy Pietrahita lending us his knowledge and experience in law enforcement to talk about the Baltimore riots. More to the point, we wanted to look back on the sentiment that led up to the riots and how to avoid it occurring closer to home.

Next, we talk w/ Metro Councilman Ryan Heck about the Library Tax. While that particular issue is not in front of us right now, Councilman Heck lends perspective on a new way of running government. We talk about the importance of needs like the library, but in relation to how they should be paid for versus how business is currently handled.

Finally, we talk with State Representatives Mike Johnson and Blake Miguez about Representative Johnson’s Marriage Protection Act. That bill didn’t get far in the last legislative session, but as the recent situation with Kim Davis in Kentucky showed us, the conversation is far from over.



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