VIDEO: Third Party Money Enters The Attorney General Race

A new hard-hitting ad buy is hitting the airwaves across the state targeting Buddy Caldwell. The $250,000 ad buy is by a group out of Arizona called the Public Integrity Alliance.

What these guys do is go after corrupt politicians from all across the country. Louisiana’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is as sleazy as they come.

Here’s how they attacked Buddy Caldwell for rewarding his campaign donors with contracts.

The ad is very well done. It simply plays clips of the report by WWL-TV that showed Caldwell hiring his cronies to sue companies on behalf of the state. When the average viewer sees it, they’ll know that he’s a crook.

The organization is looking for new members. Tyler Montague, who runs the Public Integrity Alliance, made sure to point out that it does not disclose the names of its members. This is to protect them from retaliation by public officials. If you’re interested in joining, please visit their website.

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