Why In The World Was Nancy Pelosi In New Orleans To Commemorate Hurricane Katrina?

Democrats will take advantage of any opportunity to put their name out there in the midst of tragedy.

Take for instance House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She showed up in New Orleans over the weekend to help commemorate Hurricane Katrina and she personally helped New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu lay a Fleur De Lis wreath at the Mid-City memorial.

But why?

Pelosi was not Speaker of the House at the time of Hurricane Katrina, nor was she influential in anything related to Louisiana or the tragedy that was the storm.

And what does Pelosi have to do with the Landrieu family? Why of all people was she picked to help Landrieu lay the wreath at the Mid-City Hurricane Katrina memorial? It all just seems odd.

Pelosi also spoke at a ten year anniversary ceremony last week where she praised the progress of New Orleans. Yet, that progress has nothing really to do with her.

Sure it is important for the city and leaders in Washington to remain on a united front for the public. However, the fact that Pelosi was chosen over others who actually have been influential in the state pre and post-Katrina seems political and nothing more.



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