FAKE CONTROVERSY ALERT: It’s Offensive To Ask Food Stamps Recipients To Work

Some in the Louisiana media are pretending like poor people are going to be starving on the streets because on January 1, 2016, able-bodied food stamp recipients will have to work in order to continue receive welfare.

Oh the horror!

About 62,000 18-49 year old Louisiana Purchase card-holders (a glossy credit card for food stamps) will lose their benefits if they do not have at least a part-time job or in a job training program by Jan. 1.

What exactly is so bad about this? Louisiana Budget Project Director Jan Moller told the Advocate that the initiative is “absolutely heartless.”

Since when is it heartless to make a perfectly-able individual work in order to receive welfare from the state? Moller went on to claim that it was a “mean-spirited” move by the state, trying to portray the picture that the state’s picking on the lower-class, poor guy.

Except, that’s not the case at all. Moller says it’s really difficult to find part-time work in this economy. That’s not true at all.

In fact, part-time work is relatively easy to find. Go to any restaurant, fast-food store, department store or coffee shop. Chances are, they’re hiring.

It’s the full-time jobs that no one can get a hold of in this economy. So what if a 23 year-old kid has to get a job at the local restaurant in order to keep receiving food stamps? Wouldn’t he rather a job anyways?

Oh, but what about discrimination? An LSU Daily Reveille opinion writer says it’s a bad idea because there’s tons of employers that discriminate against blacks, citing a federal government study from 2003. (A study from 2003 is pretty much irrelevant in 2015, by the way)

Therefore, the writer says this will hurt black food stamp recipients more so than white recipients. Except, this is not all that true either, just ask the teenage black girl that gave me my coffee this morning at McDonald’s.

Weren’t Democrats in New Orleans just talking about underemployment of residents in the city? Well they should be happy about this then because it will get more unemployed and underemployed residents working.

Good grief. Talk about a drummed-up fake controversy.



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