The Democrats Would Be Better Off If Karen Carter Peterson Would Shut Her Mouth

Yesterday, Gov. Bobby Jindal posted a bit of a rant about the culture in the wake of the Roseburg massacre in Oregon last week. We had it here at the site; here’s a quick excerpt…

Another week, another mass shooting, another press conference by the President lecturing us on the need for gun control, and now Hillary and Obama are in a race to see which of them can be the most extreme in trying to destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Rinse and repeat.

But there is something missing from this discussion, and it’s a glaring omission that everyone knows deep down, but politicians are afraid to talk about.

I’m going to go ahead and talk about it, and I don’t care at all if some people don’t like it, the truth is important.

What is the root cause of all these evil acts? These people who go into classrooms and churches and murder innocent people? How did we get to this place?

These shootings are a symptom of deep and serious cultural decay in our society.

  • And who is it that generally commits these evil acts of mass murder that are becoming routine? It’s almost always young men who have either no father figure in their lives, or a broken relationship with their father. Is this just a coincidence? Of course not.
  • Now, let’s get really politically incorrect here and talk specifically about this horror in Oregon. This killer’s father is now lecturing us on the need for gun control and he says he has no idea how or where his son got the guns.
  • Of course he doesn’t know. You know why he doesn’t know? Because he is not, and has never been in his son’s life. He’s a complete failure as a father, he should be embarrassed to even show his face in public. He’s the problem here.
  • >He brags that he has never held a gun in his life and that he had no idea that his son had any guns. Why didn’t he know? Because he failed to raise his son. He should be ashamed of himself, and he owes us all an apology.
  • When he was asked what his relationship was with his son, he said he hadn’t seen him in a while because he lived with his mother. Case Closed.

Sure, some strong words, and we only took a small bit of Jindal’s wide-ranging indictment of American cultural decline and the de-emphasis of the nuclear family as the cause of these mass shootings perpetrated, as they invariably seem to be, by fatherless losers alienated from their peers and the rest of society. How many of them were on and off mind-altering psychotropic drugs is something Jindal didn’t particularly address and probably should have, but on the whole his societal critique was an echo of the standard conservative line – if perhaps more passionately stated. He decried gun control as a panacea, pointed out the deficiency of the secular liberal approach to family and religion, and emphasized the importance of fatherhood and the ugly failure that can result when that isn’t present, as evident in the case of Ian Mercer who created a monster of a son through indifference and incompetence and then proceeded to blame the 2nd Amendment for that monster’s actions.

You don’t have to vote for Jindal, and you don’t have to agree with his whole critique – he spends a lot of time on violent video games as a cause of these mass shootings, which is of dubious value – to find something in there which resonates if you’re the vast majority of the public.

But that doesn’t stop the idiot who runs the state Democrat party from letting fly with an overheated broadside against Jindal for his statement…

Peterson called the Jindal op-ed “ethically revolting.”

“Too often, after yet another gun massacre, we’re told by Republicans and their corporate allies not to politicize the tragedy,” she said. “Using the slaughtered students of Umpqua Community College as campaign props is the very definition of doing just that.”

“Given the tragedy our neighbors endured in Lafayette, one would hope our governor would be more responsible in his comments. This stunt is as irresponsible as it is unproductive. Governor Jindal’s policies are hypocritical and irresponsible,” she added.


As I wrote in my American Spectator column this morning, the president that Karen Carter Peterson so loves couldn’t even wait until the bodies were cold in Roseburg, much less all the next of kin notified, before politicizing the massacre AND DEFENDING THE POLITICIZATION in defense of an implied-but-unmistakable demand for an unconstitutional confiscation of privately-owned firearms. Jindal not only waited five days before opining on the massacre but actually responded to the father of the villain’s echoing Obama’s demand for an assault on gun rights. In other words, he waited until not only Peterson’s buddy in the White House politicized it but the father of the murderer doing so before he offered an opinion.

And she has the gall to accuse Jindal of politicizing the shooting?


Is Jindal going to Roseburg to use the corpses as a campaign prop? Obama is. He’ll be there Friday. Will Karen Carter Peterson complain about that? Will she call that hypocritical?

Is this hypocritical?

And then she brings up Lafayette. Jindal was there the night of that shooting; where was Karen Carter Peterson? Not there, but she immediately retweeted this after it happened…

Because that’s not politicization at all.

Karen Carter Peterson is a moron, elected by morons – and that applies both to her seat in the state senate and her chairmanship of that party she heads. Nowhere in the country is a political party headed by a more gormless, obnoxious, needlessly combative, desperate-sounding and cognitively dissonant piece of work than this.

You rarely hear much from Peterson lately. There is a reason for this; it’s election season, and the more she talks the worse it is for the Louisiana Democrat Party. She’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz on red beans and rice.



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