BILL AND LAURA CASSIDY: Why Louisiana Needs David Vitter As Governor

Louisiana has major issues that the next governor must tackle. We must be willing to change old patterns to create an environment for all Louisiana families to get ahead, for workers to get better jobs with better benefits and for our children to get a great education. We need a governor who is an effective and pragmatic leader. David Vitter has proven himself to be both those things.

David’s focus is always on getting results for the people of Louisiana. He isn’t afraid of long hours, working across party lines, doing whatever it takes to get things done for our state. For example, when Republicans were in the minority, David worked with Sen. Barbara Boxer — one of the most liberal Democrats in the Senate — to pass the Water Resources Reform and Development Act. This legislation authorized infrastructure and hurricane protection projects that are critical in keeping our ports strong, our commerce flowing and families safe from storm surge.

At the time, there were many different opinions in the House of Representatives and David worked with the House to obtain consensus. Those in the House had only so much influence, and had to trust David to deliver in the Senate by keeping key things in the bill and adding in more Louisiana initiatives that were beyond the House’s control. He then worked successfully across party lines in the Senate to add more Louisiana initiatives and get the bill passed.

Now, David is leading the push to upgrade the 38-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This is essential for Louisiana’s chemical industry to prosper so that jobs are not only preserved but also created for the citizens of Louisiana. David worked with New Mexico Democrat Tom Udall, building bridges with other Democrats, to position this badly needed legislation to pass the Senate. The chemical and manufacturing industry says it’s essential for Congress to get it done — David is getting it done.

This election is also personal to us as parents. We’ve seen our education system over the years improve by expanding school choice and the number of charter schools, but we still have a long way to go. All parents should be able to choose which school is the right fit for their child, giving all students the opportunity to reach their educational potential. Laura helped start the Louisiana Key Academy, a charter school for students with dyslexia. But Louisiana Key is just one of about 134 charter schools in our state that have helped more than 70,000 students get out of failing schools. As parents, we’re confident David will continue to do what’s best for our children by supporting charter schools and standing up against bureaucrats and teachers’ unions.

Time and time again, David puts results first. He does what he knows to be right for our state, regardless if it is unpopular or even nearly impossible.

— Dr. Bill Cassidy is a United States Senator for Louisiana; Dr. Laura Cassidy is a retired surgeon and co-founder of Louisiana Key Academy. This piece originally appeared at the Lafayette Advertiser.



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