The Legislative Black Caucus Had 8,000 Reasons To Endorse Buddy Caldwell

Yesterday, the Legislative Black Caucus endorsed Attorney General Buddy Caldwell’s reelection bid. This comes after Democrat AG candidate Geri Baloney, who is also black, endorsed conservative Jeff Landry.

However, it appears there is more to the story behind the Caldwell endorsement by the Black Caucus. Just as Buddy Caldwell was endorsed by Woody Jenkins earlier this year. Meanwhile, Caldwell was able to take advantage of the “Woody system” where he got the EBR Republican PEC endorsement and a “special edition” of Jenkins’s newspaper. By the way, Caldwell paid Jenkins nearly $18,000.

It seems that Caldwell has been throwing some money at the LBC. Caldwell has been greasing the LBC’s palms for $8,000 over 5 years.

In 2014 alone, Caldwell has been sending the LBC $3,000 in the form of various “sponsorships.” His campaign finance report shows that he paid the $3,000 in different installments for the unspecified sponsorships.

Here’s the funny part about Caldwell and his payments to the LBC before 2014, they were itemized. Those were sponsorhips for things like the brunch at the Bayou Classic or their prayer breakfast. Why the sudden change in disclosure? Why is Caldwell being vague?

Is this endorsement of Caldwell by the LBC a part of “the Buddy System?” If so, what is the Black Caucus getting out of backing Caldwell, well other than the obvious?



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