EXCLUSIVE: Here’s When New Orleans City Council Plans To Vote On Removing New Orleans’ Historical Monuments

A plan to remove four historical monuments from the public square in New Orleans is set to be discussed tomorrow by the New Orleans City Council.

According to sources close to the Hayride, an ordinance/resolution demanding the removal of Robert E. Lee Circle, the City Park PGT Beauregard statue, the Jefferson Davis monument and the Liberty Place monument will be introduced at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

The introduction of the ordinance would set the vote for the removal of the four monuments on December 10.

The move by the City Council, which has sat on the issue for months now, comes just after a protest group publicly vandalized monuments on camera with fake blood and Ku Klux Klan hoods.

The Hayride has reported extensively on the monuments debate, which Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for back in July. However, during Landrieu’s “discussion period,” where he said residents would have the chance to debate the issue, he was apparently planning the removal of the monuments during that time period.

Polls show that only 18 percent of residents support Landrieu’s plan to remove the four monuments. On the other hand, 68 percent opposed the monuments being removed by New Orleans city officials. Only 9 percent were undecided on the issue.

Even more striking is that 31 percent of black voters said that they opposed the idea by Landrieu. Democrats, alike, opposed the monuments coming down by 42-35 percent, while Republicans opposed Landrieu’s plan by 90-3 percent.

Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards has said he supports “local control over decisions to remove monuments,” implying that he would not step in and challenge Landrieu on the removal of historical monuments.

The plan by Landrieu first came about after the Charleston AME Church shooting, where a white man shot and killed multiple black Americans.

The man was pictured on his Facebook page with a Confederate flag, which caused a firestorm of outrage from political figures who say all traces of the Confederacy should be removed from public squares and institutions.



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