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Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee failed to make the cut for the main stage at next week’s Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal debate, a particularly harsh blow for the New Jersey governor who has struggled to gain traction in the presidential race after being seen as a rising GOP star in 2012. ” – Politico

“Fox Business Network on Thursday announced the candidate line-up for the Nov. 10 Republican presidential debates.” – Fox News

Welcome back to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Friends! Tonight, Liz Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon joins Caleb Howe of RedState (and Truth Revolt), Jeff Blehar of the Ace of Spades Decision Desk, Neal Dewing of the Federalist, and F. Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon to discuss a smorgasbord of topics. To enjoy the show, click below!” – Red State

The Donald Trump phenomenon might finally be fading. After 107 crazy days on top of the Real Clear Politics polling average, Trump has finally been dethroned by Ben Carson. But don’t write Trump off just yet. He’s still a potential powerhouse in the GOP presidential race.” – The Week

Carl Sagan was quite accurate in this learned approximation when he uttered it in the early 1980s. The galactic and stellar populations of the Universe are staggering! But if the eloquent astrophysicst were alive today, he would be eager to share an equally fascinating development: that there may — in fact — be countless galaxies essentially devoid of stars!” – Real Clear Science

Houston voters repealed an anti-discrimination ordinance on Tuesday, Nov. 3, in part because, as the New York Times observed, “Opponents said the measure would allow men claiming to be women to enter women’s bathrooms and inflict harm, and that simple message—‘No Men in Women’s Bathrooms’—was plastered on signs and emphasized in television and radio ads, turning the debate from one about equal rights to one about protecting women and girls from sexual predators.” Restrooms haven’t always been segregated by gender, however. In April 2014, Ted Trautman uncovered the history of this relatively recent development. His post is reprinted below.” –

This may seem redundant, given all of the attention to huge price spikes in the ObamaCare exchanges in states like Minnesota (between 34-50% for most plans) and Mississippi (over 60%). Even CBS News has begun to wake up to the rapidly escalating costs of insurance in the so-called Affordable Care Act exchanges. Yet ObamaCare advocates argue that these price explosions are localized and not indicative of the overall direction of premium prices in 2016.” – Hot Air 

MSNBC’s ‘Hardball’ host Chris Matthews wondered whether the rise of Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson in the polls was a return to ‘basic simpletonism’ on Thursday.” – Breitbart

Police have identified the suspect accused of stabbing several people at the University of California, Merced on Wednesday as 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad of Santa Clara.” – The Blaze

Yesterday, the White House began soliciting questions from Native American youth for him to address as this year’s White House Tribal Nations Conference. Via Twitter, those with questions for the president could direct them to his attention with the #GenIAsksObama hashtag — GenI being short for Generation Indigenous.” – Twitchy


“The chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party says Jay Dardenne’s career is over after the sitting republican lieutenant governor endorsed the democrat in the race for Louisiana’s next governor.” –

There are songs about rednecks, jokes about rednecks, there are even video games about rednecks! Whey, there is even a definition of “redneck” in the dictionary:” –

While gone from the Port City nearly seven years, I’ve nonetheless followed her descent into rampant crime and social decline. The current mayor hasn’t proven equal to the basic duty of government: providing public safety.” – The Bold Pursuit

“Some may question the ticket, but don’t have proof to prove their case.” –

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration has appealed a federal judge’s order that the state continue funding Planned Parenthood clinics that serve an estimated 5,200 women in the state.” –

A Lake Charles native was recently crowned Miss Louisiana USA. Maaliyah Papillion is a junior at McNeese State University majoring in Psychology, and just two weeks ago, she was crowned Miss Louisiana USA 2016 after entering the state pageant as Miss Lake Charles USA.” –

“Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere sent the below letter to Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne regarding his endorsement of liberal democrat John Bel Edwards for Governor. Following the release of the letter, Chairman Villere issued the following statement:” – Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican


The Louisiana man whose 6-year-old child died when marshals opened fire on their car in a chase wasn’t carrying a gun, a state police official said Thursday.” –

Former Louisiana Gov. Mike Foster officially announced Wednesday his endorsement of Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter in the Louisiana governor’s race.” –

“The showdown everyone has been waiting for is finally here: LSU takes on Alabama Saturday night in a huge SEC matchup. Both teams are bowl contenders and both teams don’t like to lose. Here are some score predictions from The Advocate sportswriters and from other corners of the Internet.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate




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