Vitter And Nungesser Make Progress In Consolidating GOP Support

We’ve got two press releases to pass along, as today David Vitter picked up the endorsement of the Louisiana House Republican Delegation and Billy Nungesser, running against Baton Rouge’s horrendous mayor Kip Holden for Lt. Governor, picked up the endorsement of the fourth-place finisher in that race Elbert Guillory.

First, Vitter’s endorsement, which is significant if for no other reason than that the House Republicans are the people who have been dealing with John Bel Edwards in their midst for the last eight years…

The Louisiana House Republican Delegation voted overwhelmingly to endorse U.S. Senator David Vitter for Governor on Tuesday. This endorsement demonstrates the wide support Vitter has amongst Republicans throughout the state.

“Now, more than ever, our state needs a Governor with a proven track record as a conservative reformer,” said House Delegation Chairman and State Representative Lance Harris (R-HD25). “David Vitter has the vision, knowledge, and experience to lead our state. Time and time again, David has stood for conservative values and fought against government waste and corruption. While in the U.S. Senate, David has proven that he puts Louisiana first. We, as a Delegation, stand behind David and support him wholeheartedly in the upcoming election.”

The House Republican Delegation is guided by ten principles which outline its policy platform. Based on the stark differences between Vitter and State Representative John Bel Edwards (D- HD72) on these principles, the House Republican Delegation made the decision to endorse in this race.

“On almost every single issue, David and John Bel differ drastically.” Harris said. “When it comes to education, David supports parental choice and letter grades for schools. John Bel does not. When it comes to our budget, David supports restructuring our budget, reforming welfare, and smart cuts. John Bel does not. Ultimately, the Republican Party stands for conservative values and religious liberty; the Democratic Party platform does not. Our Delegation believes that the choice for Governor could not be clearer.”

Upon learning of the Delegation’s endorsement, Vitter said, “I am honored to have the support of the House Republican Delegation. These legislators understand the enormous challenges we face as a state, and they understand that real leadership is desperately needed. I look forward to working with each of them and the entire Legislature to tackle these challenges head on, with real leadership, so we build a brighter future together.”

The Louisiana House Republican Delegation consists of the 58 Republican State Representatives in the Louisiana House of Representatives. The Delegation is the majority party delegation in the Louisiana House.

The election for Governor will be held on Saturday, November 21, with Early Voting being held November 7 – 14.

And Nungesser’s release with Guillory’s endorsement…

Senator Elbert Guillory held a press conference today and announced his endorsement of Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor in the runoff election to be held November 21. Senator Guillory finished fourth in the primary election voting, held on October 24, with 8% of the vote.

“There are things that set Billy a part, like his commitment to Louisiana that we all know and have seen like when he fought for Louisiana after Katrina and the oil spill,” said Senator Guillory. “His commitment to family is just as important. He did a great job as president of Plaquemines Parish. He is fiscally sound and socially conservative. Billy Nungesser is what we need. He did a great job for Plaquemines Parish and he will do an amazing job for Louisiana. I am proud to announce my support and endorsement of Billy Nungesser.”

Senator Guillory served as State Representative in District 40 and has represented District 24 for seven years as State Senator. He served in the United States Navy and obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers School of Law.

“I really appreciate Senator Guillory’s support. It means so much to me and I admire him as a senator, as well as a spokesperson for Louisiana. He has done a great job and I cannot express how honored I am to receive his endorsement,” said Nungesser.

At some point, Nungesser is going to want John Young to endorse him, just as Vitter could really use the endorsements of Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne. In almost all of those cases it’s worth it for the endorsers to back the endorsees; there is little career opportunity for Angelle and Dardenne in Vitter losing, particularly if Vitter’s supporters come to blame them should he lose. As for Young, he might have less reason to back Nungesser after a rough-and-tumble primary race, but it’s simply hard to secure a position as one of the party’s rising stars if you’re not seen as advancing its agenda by helping its candidates win.

But endorsements are one thing. Making voters unite behind the endorsees is something else. That work is not complete in either race.



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