AFTERBURNER: How The Clock Boy Story Is Modern Islam In A Nutshell

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, who is apparently threatening to sue the city of Irving, Texas for discriminating against him after he reassembled an ordinary clock into something that looked for all the world like a bomb and got himself arrested under Texas’ hoax-bomb law, is a perfect poster child for modern Islam.

So says Bill Whittle, and we agree. Clock Boy didn’t actually invent or build anything, he just took Western technology and advancement and bowdlerized it. He did something suggestive of the 1400 year civilizational conflict between Islam and the West and when he was treated with suspicion for it, he made himself a martyr to “intolerance.” And he rode grievance to stardom and celebrity rather than actually do anything constructive with his life.

You pretty much can’t get a better analogy than that.



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