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Forecasting political trends is almost an American pastime. So is getting those forecasts woefully wrong. Politico Magazine has published an annual worst political predictions list twice before, but we’ve never had quite the fodder that we did this year. In the 2016 presidential race, onepresumed front-runner after another fell to the bottom of the polls; a reality TV star is currently as admired as the pope; and a socialist and a retired neurosurgeon gained massive followings. In Washington, a man who once wanted to give his “undivided attention” to the Ways and Means Committee is now speaker of the House; and a president about to enter his final year and facing a hostile Congress reached deals on climate change, Iran’s nuclear program and international trade. Of course, we can’t blame political pundits for being wrong in a year so full of surprises; but that won’t stop us from having some fun calling them out. Herewith, the political predictions gone wrong in 2015.” – Politico

Bill Cosby was charged Wednesday with felony assault over an encounter with a woman 12 years ago.” – Fox News

Donald Trump picking another fight. This one is supremely important and all candidates, regardless of what they think about Trump, should pitch in. This one is with Hillary Clinton and it is a fight that Trump is very likely to win. Last week I posted on the first salvo Trump has fired at Hillary Clinton over her decision to bring Bill Clinton on board to help her sclerotic, incontinent campaign gain traction against a yet another rather daft old socialist in New Hampshire.” – Red State

“The U.S., pursuing a nuclear arms agreement with Iran at the time, captured communications between Mr. Netanyahu and his aides that inflamed mistrust between the two countries and planted a political minefield at home when Mr. Netanyahu later took his campaign against the deal to Capitol Hill.” – Town Hall

“Rubio: Hey, I was hoping that House conservatives would improve the Gang of Eight amnesty bill” – Hot Air

“Hillary Clinton broke with President Barack Obama over the plight of Christians and other ethnic and religious minority groups in the Middle East, telling a New Hampshire crowd that the Islamic State’s persecution of them should be labeled a “genocide.” – Politico

“Some who mistrust the Texas senator may tactically support Rubio over their first-choice candidates. ” – National Review

“Donald Trump has continued to criticize Bill Clinton for his past sexual indiscretions, but tonight a reporter turned the tables on Trump a little.” – Mediate

“The U.S. military said Wednesday that Iran over the weekend fired several unguided rockets near a U.S. aircraft carrier, destroyer and a French warship passing through the Strait of Hormuz, an exercise the U.S. Central Command spokesman called ‘highly provocative.'” – The Blaze

“Breitbart News’ John Nolte had a perceptive piece this weekend on the GOP Establishment having no desire to beat Hillary Clinton or elect Donald Trump. They don’t want to use the most potent issue against Hillary, who is counting on an overwhelming advantage among women: her alleged bullying of the women unlucky enough to be Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual targets.” – Breitbart


Eight years ago Bobby Jindal entered the Governor’s Mansion riding a tidal wave of optimism for change. Eight years later he leaves with that optimism waning.” –KALB

“A series of photos of a Christmas tree appearing to shine from an abandoned hospital in New Orleans have gone viral.” –

“Meet Darin Tassin, a husband and father of six from Covington. He’s also in kidney failure.” – Fox8Live

Federal and state authorities are monitoring river levels across the state, and the National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Baton Rouge.” –

“In some states, your driver’s license soon might not be good enough to board a flight, even if you’re traveling within the United States.” –

The shooting was reported just before 6:30 p.m. in the 600 block of Northwest Second Street in Reserve.” –

“Louisiana state Rep. Roy Burrell, of Shreveport, says someone is impersonating him on Facebook and trying to hack into his real account.” –

“Democratic Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards won’t take office until Jan. 11, but he is already generating a controversy over whether work should be required before some citizens can receive food stamps. Edwards said he doesn’t want 31,000 to lose the benefits Jan. 1 if they hadn’t met the work requirement in the past three months.” – American Press

Students owe South Louisiana Community College $2.9 million as a result of the college’s inadequate collection procedures, a recent Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report says.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

LSU and Auburn are battling for a second time this season.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate




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