COVER VERSIONS: Get Lucky, In The Style Of 10 World-Famous Guitar Players

This is an old thing, or at least it’s a year old. I guess that makes it an old thing by YouTube standards.

And while it’s had about 2.5 million views on YouTube already, I just saw it a few minutes ago.

It’s good. Even if you aren’t an afficionado of guitar rock, you’ll recognize the styles of a lot of these people, if not all of them.

The guy playing all this is Andre Antunes, who you’ve likely never heard of. He’s out of Portugal, and he’s become a YouTube sensation of sorts – there are lots of videos like this, and the one where he does something similar to this one with Uptown Funk is really worth seeing.

In any event, the entry in this video you want to watch is the featured one, where he does Brian May from Queen. It’s No. 6 out of 10. But the others are all good, and they’re cool selections – Eddie Van Halen, Kurt Cobain, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana, Slash, Steve Vai, Angus Young, Mark Knopfler and Tom Morello are the others.

Fun stuff. It’s always entertaining to see talent on display, and not enough of it gets into the Top 40 these days crowded out, as it is, by dreck like Miley Cyrus and Kanye.



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