Rob Maness Is Getting National Coverage For His Senate Race

Former U.S. Air Force Colonel Rob Maness formally announced his run for the open U.S. Senate seat that’s up this year. He’s also been doing the national media on the race.

One of the reporters to land an interview with Maness was Nate Madden at Conservative Review. Madden also printed up all of Maness’s announcement speech. Here are a few excerpts:

I believe in America because I’ve seen firsthand the hope it can provide to millions across the world when we lead. President John F. Kennedy challenged a generation “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

After 32 years of serving our country, I traded in my dress blues for blue jeans, took off my military-issued political blinders and tuned in to the dangerous path our elected officials in Washington were taking and I saw none of the positive, soaring, unifying ideals of Kennedy & Reagan and only out-of-touch, career politicians who spoke loudly in opposition, but were silent in their vision and ACTIONS and I AM MAD AS HELL!!

Washington is broken, and the politicians lack the tools, the spirit, and the leadership experience to fix it.

Maness then compares himself to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

We know great Americans past and present like Washington, Jefferson, Mike Lee, Rand Paul & Ted Cruz came to Washington as political outsiders and still stood on principal, fighting for the freedom and liberty of our people.

I’m running for the Senate because we live in the greatest country in the world, where our founders set forth guidelines assuring future generations the BLESSINGS of liberty and I’m tired of watching career politicians in Washington squander our liberties away.

As a career military man I’ve seen firsthand what the blessings of LIBERTY can foster and I’ve seen how unfortunate societies are that do not enjoy these same blessings the way we do.

The FREEDOM for each man and woman to seek opportunities and achieve their highest possible potential is the promise in our founding documents.

And unlike the corrupt Washington politicians and the insiders that support them, I’ll stand strong for conservative principals and will take seriously my oath to “support and defend” the constitution.

Meanwhile, Maness talks a bit about visiting the state in 2014.

In 2014, I drove my truck to all 64 parishes, logged 84,500 miles. We met diverse Louisianans who may differ in their political views but all agreed on the same thing – they want their country back. I pledge to only serve two terms, pledge to continue living in Louisiana not DC and visit all 64 parishes every year as your Senator.

Louisiana wants accountability from their elected officials! Louisianans know that we don’t work for Washington; Washington works for us. We know that it’s time for fresh leadership in Washington, and for sure we know that it is high time to finally send the career politicians packing who are already looking for their next promotion!

You can listen to Maness’s interview here




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