The Low Popahirum, January 27, 2016


“The real estate mogul refuses to budge on his debate boycott while his campaign accuses Megyn Kelly of being ‘totally obsessed’ with Trump.” – Politico

“Members of the media were leaving the area near the Oregon wildlife refuge where an unknown number of armed protesters have holed up Wednesday after the FBI reportedly told some journalists the Bureau couldn’t offer ‘protection.’” – Fox News

“I saw this floating around on Twitter. I don’t even know if it was made by the campaign or just a guy on Twitter who is a fan of Rubio’s. Either way, it is a pretty awesome video and highlights Rubio’s positive message. Take a look:” –Red State

James and Brooks Schooley are raising a young family in this tiny Iowa community. They support Ted Cruz and brought their kids to an old church near the Bloomfield town square to hear the candidate, along with Iowa Rep. Steve King and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.” – Washington Examiner

“Senator Lisa Murkowski looked around the Senate floor and noticed something was a little… off.” – CNN Edition

There’s one part of the Republican establishment that’s not completely cold on Cruz: neoconservatives leaders. Ted Cruz and his top foreign policy adviser talk with BuzzFeed News about his approach and the party’s.” – Buzz Feed

“A new survey suggests that a Ted Cruz ad attacking Donald Trump on his ‘New York values’ only strengthens his appeal among blue-collar voters.” –

“MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough suggested on Wednesday that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is right in his attacks against Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly as an unfair debate moderator.” – Washington Examiner

Glenn Beck penned a lengthy Facebook note Tuesday night reacting to Donald Trump’s decision to skip Thursday’s Fox News debate, calling the Republican frontrunner a ‘bully’ and warning about what his presidency could mean for America.” – The Blaze

The Fox News and Donald Trump feud is heating up now that the Republican front-runner has announced he will not be attending the network’s debate Thursday night over the presence of anchor Megyn Kelly.” – Breitbart


“State Treasurer John Kennedy urged state officials today to cancel any existing consulting contracts with consultant Dr. Kera E. Moseley and her companies.” – Chad Rogers/The Dead Pelican

Baton Rouge traffic, a topic of discussion as common as the weather and Tiger football in the Capital City, may deserve all the blasphemy bestowed upon it by irritated motorists stuck on I-10 during rush hour each day.” – LSU Now

“The deadline to register to vote in Louisiana’s upcoming presidential preference primary is one week from today.  The primary election is March 5th.” –

The March 5 presidential preference primary will be a closed party election in Louisiana.” – American Press

“Ariel Bergeron understands chicks.” – LSU Now

It looks as if Louisiana Democrats may have learned the wrong lesson from the upset win last year by Gov. John Bel Edwards from the names popping up as potential Senate candidates this year.” – Jeff Sadow Blog

“The FBI says the suspect in a drug-raid shooting that left a deputy in critical condition has been charged in federal court.” – Fox News

“Louisiana will continue to try to cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood clinics.” –

Recently retired English professor Dr. Norman German has published a collection of short stories, titled Dead Dog Lying and Other Stories. Most of the stories are set in Louisiana, and include its culture as well as German’s outdoor experiences and other personal events.” –

Since the late 1800s, LSU’s status within Louisiana has been secure. It’s the unchallenged big dog, easily the largest and best-performing public university in the Pelican State.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate




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