State Rep From New Orleans Files A Bill To Bring California Style Gun Control To Louisiana

It should be no surprise though that a member of the Orleans Parish delegation filed it.

Newly elected State Rep. John Bagneris (D-New Orleans) has filed a bill to impose the nation’s longest waiting period for firearms purchases. Bagneris has prefiled HB69 which would create a ten-day waiting period, excluding weekends and holidays. Basically, it would be a 14 day or so waiting period in most cases.

The only state that has a 10 day waiting period for all gun purchases is California. The District of Columbia has a 10 day waiting period as well and Hawaii has a 14 day waiting period. 7 other states have a waiting period, but those range anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days.

What Bagneris is trying to do is to bring California-style gun control to Louisiana. Something tells us that won’t fly in a state that has “Sportsman’s Paradise” on its license plates. Here in Louisiana, we value the right to keep and bear arms.

Also, there is no statistical evidence to show that a waiting period reduces violent crime. It may reduce suicides, but there are better approaches to deal with suicides.

Instead of controlling crime in New Orleans, the political class want to restrict the rights of law-abiding Louisianians. The guy buying a shotgun for duck hunting is not the problem. The woman buying the pistol for her purse is not the problem. The problem in New Orleans is that you have gang members, who don’t respect the law. You also have an unwillingness to address violent crime in the city. But that requires leadership and actually doing some work.

Bagneris wants all the people of Louisiana to pay for the sins of his violent city by restricting our Second Amendment rights. Sorry, but California style gun control will never hunt in Louisiana.

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