The Low Popahirum, February 3, 2016


Rand Paul will drop out of the race for president, three sources close to the campaign told POLITICO. ” – Politico

Strong storms in the Southeast spawned tornadoes that touched down in Alabama and Mississippi Tuesday, damaging or destroying dozens of homes and at least one church, as well as a prison. No fatalities or major injuries were reported.” – Fox News

Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democrat nominee for President. But she is still proving what a horrendous candidate she is. Having a once insurmountable lead, she finds herself locked in an early tough battle with a 74 year old socialist from Vermont. She led Iowa in the polls by 30 points yet basically left the state in a virtual tie with Sanders.” – Red State

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump conceded Tuesday that his campaign’s voter turnout effort in Iowa was less robust than that of other campaigns, one day after finishing behind Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) in the caucuses.” –Washington Post

Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!” – Donal

Donald Trump was at the top of each of the last 10 polls in Iowa, but his lead failed to hold up on caucus night Monday. In the end, his seven-point lead in polling averages amounted to a three-point loss to Ted Cruz.” – NY Times

Donald Trump failed to win Iowa. Marco Rubio exceeded expectations. If you’re a member of the Republican inner party—a donor, a congressional leader, a leading lobbyist—you woke up Tuesday to the best morning in at least six months. Now here’s all that needs to go right for you to continue to enjoy your mornings.”- The Atlantic

I know, I know … what does Illinois know, anyway? As the Washington Examiner points out, the Board of Elections decision isn’t the first ruling on this matter, but it may be the strongest yet in debunking claims that Ted Cruz is ineligible for the presidency. The board rejected a challenge to Cruz’ inclusion in the March 15th primary in no uncertain terms (via Instapundit):” – Hot Air

“The private intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, has made its annual forecast for what 2016 might bring – and some of its predictions are unsettling.” – The Blaze

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’s surprisingly strong showing in the Iowa caucuses reshuffled the already intense competition here in New Hampshire among the Republican establishment candidates, leading some to sharpen their attacks on the freshman senator from Florida ahead of next week’s primary.” – Breitbart


“Today is the deadline to register for the March 5th presidential primaries.” –

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ chief budget adviser pushed back Monday against criticism that the Democratic governor has been too quick to propose tax hikes to balance Louisiana’s budget.” – American Press

Thirteen parish presidents from throughout south Louisiana joined forces at a special meeting in St. Tammany Parish on Tuesday (Feb. 2), demanding a voice in the discussion about how to solve the colossal budget problems facing Louisiana state government. The group plans to submit a white paper expressing its desires to Gov. John Bel Edwards and state lawmakers before the Feb. 14 start of the planned special legislative session.” –

“A state lawmaker from Metairie who now chairs a powerful legislative committee says Gov. John Bel Edwards can expect push-back on his tax hike proposals.” –

“It looks like a prolonged spring for the people of Acadiana; Pierre C. Shadeaux didn’t exactly run out of his custom-built home, but once out he predicted our summer will hold off just a bit longer. ” –

“The empty oil tanker Nordbay was leaking ballast water through a ‘small hole’ in its hull after crashing late Tuesday night into a Jefferson Parish water intake at the Mississippi River and the Gov. Nicholls Street Wharf in New Orleans’ French Quarter, the Coast Guard said.” –

“‘The bus was parked, and I just looked over to the left and I saw flames and burnt rubber falling from under the bus,’ Jennifer Schrichten said, ‘I looked at my son and I said, ‘Oh, my God this bus is on fire.'” –

“The Louisiana Board of Ethics filed 10 pages of charges against former St. Tammany Assistant District Attorney Harry Pastuszek accusing him of violating the state ethics code for payments his private law firm received during the time he was assigned to the St.Tammany Parish School Board as an ADA and beyond.” –

Governor John Bel Edwards met Tuesday with the American Sugar Cane League in Lafayette, to discuss the role agriculture and sugar cane will have in his economic development plan for Louisiana.” –

“Almost two weeks after St. Tammany detectives started investigating several similar reports about a man seen taking pictures of the inside of homes in the Madisonville and Tammany Hills areas, the case is closed.” –




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