Lafayette Parish Schools May Soon Allow Students To SIT DOWN And NOT Say ‘Pledge of Allegiance’

The Lafayette Parish School System may soon be bowing to politically correct standards, allowing students to practically do whatever they wish while the Pledge of Allegiance is being said in the classroom.

After a junior at Acadiana High School claimed he was “badly mistreated” by his teacher after sitting down and refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance, now a group known as the Appignani Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to school officials, saying students should be allowed to opt out of the pledge, according to a report by WWL.

The student apparently refused to recite the pledge and ultimately sat down while the class said it, explaining that saying the pledge violated his “personal and religious reasons” and does not want to say the pledge “in any manner,” the letter by the humanist group states.

The Acadiana High School teacher reportedly cursed at the student for sitting down during the pledge. The next day, when the student sat down again during the pledge, the teacher apparently took the student aside, told him about US soldiers dying in the military and then asked why the student wanted to sit during the pledge.

The following day, before the pledge was said, the teacher told the student he should move to another country if he didn’t want to say the pledge, according to the humanist group’s letter.

“The student’s rights in this situation … are very clear, and the treatment he has received from your school and school district is reprehensible,” the letter from the humanist group states. “The professional conduct of your staff toward this student has been shameful, in direct conflict with the high-minded principles of freedom upon which this nation was founded.”

Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Donald Aguillard hinted to WWL that the school system is essentially planning on changing the rules to allow students to opt out of the pledge and also sit during the pledge if they want to.

“We are going to be working with our attorneys to make some changes to that particular policy,” Aguillard told WWL.

The Lafayette Parish School Board is expected to take up the issue sometime in May.


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