VIDEO: Did You See Rick Scott’s Revenge On That Loon Who Harassed Him At Starbucks?

Rick Scott is the governor of Florida. He’s not the most likable guy on the planet but he’s a decent governor there.

We know he’s decent, or at least we have a good indication he is, because the Left absolutely hates him and launches into ceaseless rants about how stupid and evil he is. That’s a qualifier for status as a decent governor.

In any event, one of those rants was in person, and it was captured on video last week when an unhinged leftist moonbat set upon Scott with a verbal bombardment because he made the mistake of walking into a Starbucks in downtown Gainesville to get coffee…

Scott made a brief attempt at discussion before recognizing that was a waste of time, and beat a hasty retreat.

But the war wasn’t over. Because as it turned out, he had some resources. And when the unhinged leftist moonbat in question used her tirade’s explosion on YouTube for her 15 minutes of fame, he applied those resources to a smackdown of epic proportions in a quick web video…

All too often Republicans just shuffle away after leftist aggressions like the one above, and mutter to ourselves about how rude the moonbats are. Scott deserves credit for making sure his side of the story was told, and he did so without being rude or unhinged about it. Good for him.

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