Times Picayune Goes Full Feminazi: Male Legislators Are Misogynistic Pigs Who Want To Enslave Women

That’s not exactly what the Times Picayune/NOLA.com posted on their Facebook page today, but it might as well have been.

Yesterday, a state House representative added a purposefully ridiculous ‘poison pill’ amendment, designed to kill legislation, that would have capped the limit of strippers’ weight onto legislation that would have increased the age requirement to be a stripper.

The legislation became such a joke that House members were laughing and hooting while the amendment and legislation was being discussed.

Of course, that gave the Times Picayune a perfect opportunity to cry ‘Sexism!’ on all the male House members, attempting to tie it to “equal pay” legislation that failed miserably today in the House.

The narrative? All men in the state House are pigs who want to keep women down.

Check out what their Facebook page posted today:

Nola.com FB post

This isn’t the first time that NOLA.com has pushed gender politics like the mythical “gender wage gap,” which no serious economist takes seriously and which has been debunked by dissident feminists since the 1970’s.

Back last year, the Times Picayune ran a glossy story about how a store in New Orleans would start charging men more because of the alleged “gender wage gap.”

But there’s a little problem, the gender pay gap is a myth that has been perpetuated by journalists and the Gloria Steinem-wing of feminism and now third-wave feminists.

In a CONSAD Research Corp report, the data clearly states the fact that the supposed “gender pay gap” where women earn 66 cents to every man’s dollar is simply the difference of all women and men working full-time.

That conveniently excludes all of the choices men and women make while working in the workforce. Like the fact that women tend to work more part-time jobs than men. And women tend to leave the workforce more often than men. And men and women choose vastly different occupations, despite efforts by feminists to get more women to work on oil rigs and chemical plants (only because it’s fair!).

The data is so obvious that even TIME Magazine pointed it out.

Even the Bureau of Labor and Statistics points out that there appears to be, on the surface, a wage gap between men and women, but that it only looks that way because wage data does “not control for many factors that can be significant in explaining earnings differences.” Those factors include hours worked. Men work significantly longer hours than women, according to the BLS.

Another economist pointed out that women are far more likely to choose majors in college that significantly pay less than majors that men choose. Of the ten lowest-paying majors in college, only one of them is majority male. Of the ten highest-paying majors in college, one one is majority female.

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