Jonathan Perry Must Be The Dumbest Lawyer In Louisiana Because The Cajun Navy Already Has Immunity

State Sen. Jonathan Perry (R-Kaplan) continues to think that we’re all misunderstanding him. Plus we’re picking on him too. All he really wants to is look out for the state and the Cajun Navy, which is why he wants to regulate them.

We understand Perry loud and clear. The question is does Perry, who is a lawyer, even understand the current laws on the books?

It turns out that his proposed bill is not even necessary. The Cajun Navy already has immunity from lawsuit and parish and state governments that allow them to help rescue people also have immunity.

From WWL:

Legal analyst Chick Foret said the Cajun Navy is already protected from a civil claim.

“We don’t need any legislation,” Foret said. “The law is clear. If a person has a boat and he or she wants to come to an emergency situation and rescue folks they are protected under Louisiana law from their ordinary negligence.”

Foret said he also believes law enforcement should be able to monitor and control a scene.

Common sense, who would’ve thought?

But Jonathan Perry isn’t done yet. He’s now suggesting that the Cajun Navy sign a liability waiver before they go out and rescue people.

I have a better idea, we should regulate Jonathan Perry instead of the Cajun Navy. He can do far more damage to us in the Louisiana Senate then the Cajun Navy could ever do in the worst storm.



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