Meet The Heroes Of The ‘Cajun Navy’ Who Are Saving Many Lives As Louisiana Floods

Here’s another example of Louisianians helping their neighbors that we have seen this weekend. Louisiana is called the “Sportsman’s Paradise” because we love our hunting and fishing here.

Many of us have flat-bottom boats which are perfect for shallow bayous. They’re also good for flooded streets.

When a major flood hits the state, this “Cajun Navy” assembles to rescue their neighbors who are trapped in flooded homes and rooftops.

From The Times-Picayune:

As thousands were stranded inside their homes as Louisiana floodwaters rose this weekend, social media users shared photos and thanks for the “Cajun Navy.” The term was affectionately applied to the many fishermen, hunters and leisure boaters who arrived to provide back up to official first responders backed up with emergency calls for stranded residents.

The “Cajun Navy” faced no less strenuous work, according to one such volunteer. Chris Macaluso, a Baton Rouge resident, used his own boat to help get neighbors to dry ground from his own subdivision.

“I had access to a boat I could use but, man, they got a lot of (people) in duck hunting boats riding around these neighborhoods who have no idea where they’re going, but they’re just here to help,” Macaluso said. “This is not easy work.”

Riding a boat around in flooded streets is not easy work. There is often a strong current whipping around flooded cars and houses. There are also many obstacles that can damage boats.

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But people across Louisiana are proud of the “Cajun Navy.”

This flood was not the first time the Cajun Navy was deployed. It was deployed after Hurricane Katrina nearly 11 years ago.

Louisianians don’t sit around and wait for the government to come save us. We know from first hand experience we have to save ourselves.



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