VIDEO: Hillary Faints In NYC – With Updates

You’ve probably heard that Hillary Clinton “overheated” in 79-degree weather at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York this morning and had to leave early. You’ve probably also seen the uncomfortable video of her being dragged into her campaign fan following that fainting spell.

Here’s an even better video than that which you might not have seen. It looks a little worse than the first video did…

Also I updated my American Spectator column from Friday with the new events…

Almost as if to spite her defenders who continue, in the style of Kevin Bacon in Animal House, to shout “Remain calm! All is well!” Sunday morning Clinton proceeded to faint at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. Video taken at the scene shows Clinton propped against a traffic post along the curb of a street while her campaign van (the one which supposedly is outfitted with a wheelchair ramp) pulls up to whisk her away.

Clinton is then essentially dragged into the van by several handlers, apparently losing a shoe amid the shuffle.

The company line this time? No big deal; she just overheated and that’s why she had a case of the vapors.

It was no more than 80 degrees, with 39 percent humidity in New York at the time of the ceremony Sunday morning.

All of a sudden the question of Hillary’s health and the lack of honesty on the part of her camp with respect to same is no longer an issue for the political fringe — or so the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza deigns to tell us. We thank Cillizza for the license, and also for recognizing the considerable egg on his face after his own “All is well!” buffoonery earlier last week.

Here was Cillizza’s sorta-kinda-mea-culpa for poo-pooing the health questions…

Whether Clinton likes it or not, her “overheating” episode comes at a very bad time for her campaign. Thanks to the likes of Rudy Giuliani and a small but vocal element of the Republican base, talk of her health had been bubbling over the past week — triggered by a coughing episode she experienced during a Labor Day rally.

That talk was largely confined to Republicans convinced that Clinton has long been hiding some sort of serious illness. I wrote dismissively of that conspiracy theory in this space last week, noting that Clinton had been given an entirely clean bill of health by her doctors after an episode in which she fainted, suffered a concussion and then was found to have a blood clot in late 2012 and early 2013.

Coughing, I wrote, is simply not evidence enough of any sort of major illness that Clinton is assumed to be hiding. Neither, of course, is feeling “overheated.” But those two things happening within six days of each other to a candidate who is 68 years old makes talk of Clinton’s health no longer just the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the “overheating” episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so. Not only has it come at a time when there was growing chatter — with very little evidence — that her health was a problem but it also happened at a 9/11 memorial event — an incredibly high-profile moment with lots and lots of cameras and reporters around.

The question Cillizza ought to ask is why he thought it was advisable to be dismissive of the health questions in the first place. We know the answer, of course, which is that if you’re not dismissive of them you don’t get invited to the right cocktail parties in DC.

That’s his business, of course, but it’s also a good reason why normal people sensitive to facts shouldn’t give too much credibility to the Beltway smart set types like Cillizza. There was plenty of evidence that something was wrong with Clinton’s health before today, and for him to pull a 180 when he couldn’t maintain the party line that only kooks and fringe conspiracy theorists would have seen it doesn’t make him responsible. It makes him slow.

UPDATE: And yet another angle…

UPDATE: This is deplorable, isn’t it?

: So obviously, after dragging her into the campaign van and taking her to her daughter’s apartment, the Clinton camp had to stage this…

A few things – first, do you notice how ghostly-white she looks?

Second, if “overheating” is a problem, how come Hillary’s jacket never came off?

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