What Are The Chances Of Having A President Elected This Year Who’ll Be Too Damaged To Govern?

A couple of things I saw last night, neither of which I particularly subscribe to but had just enough meat on their bones to allow for the possibility they might have some truth in them, got me thinking about the future in a slightly different way – and given the direction we’re traveling in, not a particularly optimistic one.

Bear with me on that. First was this, which you’ll probably see in a bunch of places today…

Now – Anonymous has a well-deserved reputation for talking big and delivering small, so their promise to release a video of Bill Clinton raping one of Jeffrey Epstein’s 13-year old sex slaves is best considered as a hypothetical possibility.

But it’s one that you can’t totally dismiss. It’s plausible. After all, we know that Bill Clinton is a sexual abuser of women. The Monica Lewinsky scandal proved that Bill Clinton is more than capable of molesting females much, much younger than he is, and Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones all tell a pretty similar story of a man willing to force himself on an unwilling victim. There is also this story which says Clinton made no less than TWENTY-SIX trips on Epstein’s private plane down to that Pedophile Island he owns in the Bahamas. On top of that you have the widely-circulated story that Epstein had cameras covering every inch of that island.

Given that, is it plausible Epstein could have had video of Clinton having his way with one of the inhabitants of Pedophile Island? Sure it is. If it’s digital video on a computer somewhere that’s connected to the internet, it’s also plausible it could be hacked. And if it was hacked, it could be released.

I’m not saying I expect this to come out. But it wouldn’t be a surprise. Would that change the presidential race and make Donald Trump the next president? I’m going to say probably not – remember, Trump has a little bit of Epstein on him as well, including a woman named Katie Johnson who has sued him claiming she’s a former Epstein sex slave and that Trump raped her 20 years or so ago. Not to mention this last bit from the New York Times where two women are claiming to have been groped by Trump. This wouldn’t necessarily change the game.

But if Hillary were to win despite a video like that becoming public, she would unquestionably go into office damaged by it. And her promise to “put Bill in charge of fixingthe economy” would be a lot less marketable as a matter of governance. It would also be a pretty interesting exercise in the judicial process – if video like that were to come out, do we get a criminal trial of the First Husband in the first year of Hillary Clinton’s presidency? Does the Bahamanian government seek his extradition?

That could be one unbelievable mess.

Another thing which is circulating is this…


I don’t buy that Hillary Clinton is “done.” She is the cockroach of American politics and I don’t know that anything short of physical death will eliminate her from the scene. That said, elements of the above probably are true.

For one thing, a hack into John Podesta’s emails is probably the most significant bit of political espionage – in terms of what it could produce – in American history. I’m not kidding about that; Podesta has long been known to be the Clintons’ hatchet man, and the pies his fingers have been in over the years put him in position to be involved in things absolutely nobody in the Democrat Party would want public. What’s already out there via the Wikileaks dumps is devastating, or would be if it got wide dissemination in the media.

And if Podesta’s emails are hacked by somebody who wants to use the material to damage the Clintons, it stands to reason the release of that material would be staged in a manner where the most significant bombshells come last, and the party releasing the information builds the show to a crescendo just prior to Election Day.

Is there enough material on Podesta’s server to set the Democrat Party at war with itself? Seems like we’re going to find out, but it’s possible. Is there enough material to get Trump to 270 electoral votes, though – that’s your real question.

Things can change, but I doubt I’d take that bet.

So let’s say we get all this material dumped out onto the internet between now and Election Day, and let’s say no matter how hard Anonymous, or Wikileaks, or the Russians or Israelis or whoever else you want to credit/blame for all the stuff currently being released tries they still can’t drag Trump over Hillary’s political corpse into the White House. What happens then?

You have President Hillary taking office, so completely damaged and discredited that the American people barely even tolerate her in the White House. And you probably have an entire schedule of Congressional hearings lined up to investigate crimes and corruption the evidence for which is already out in the open, such that her inauguration comes with a stack of subpoenas and her presidential appointments are going nowhere until these issues get addressed – because one thing that becomes very, very obvious between now and Election Day is that a Democrat majority in the House or Senate isn’t much of a favored option should the material discussed above get out in the open.

What happens at that point?

Let’s remember that while Hillary is getting Democrat votes on a more or less unanimous basis, a giant chunk of the Democrat Party is not enamored with her. Better than 40 percent of that party’s electorate opted for Bernie Sanders, of all people, over Hillary, and that was despite the fact the Clintons rigged the primary to stop him and the fact he had the best opportunity imaginable to wipe her out but blew it with his stupid “I’m sick of hearing about your damn emails” gift. How much loyalty she can expect from Democrats in the House and Senate who might worry about a 2010 or 2014 midyear apocalypse is not a certain thing.

So you have a tarnished, scandal-ridden newly-elected president with a lot of questions to answer and not much of a mandate from the American people, where it’s entirely likely that due to so many Americans becoming disgusted enough to vote for Evan McMullin (who’s at 22 percent in Utah, apparently, with Clinton and Trump tied at 26) or Gary Johnson or Jill Stein she’s elected with only somewhere around 45 percent of the popular vote.

And just to make things interesting she takes office amid what looks like war brewing all over the planet. You’ve likely seen the scary reports coming out of Russia, where Vladimir Putin is now recalling Russians home to the motherland for some reason and girding for a major conflict with the West. Now we have Yemen, where Iranian-backed Houthi rebels are shooting missiles at American destroyers and we’re now hitting radar sites – hitting radar sites would make sense if it’s a prelude to sending in planes or even troops; in and of itself it seems like a rather feeble response to people shooting missiles at our ships.

Not to mention the South China Sea, which has all the makings of the setting for a world war. Particularly if Hillary Clinton is our president, given some of the provocative things she’s said about calling the Pacific an “American Sea.”

Russia, China, Iran – all of them would look upon a weakened and damaged American president as providing a perfect opportunity to get what they can while they can. The scenario laid out above could easily play out amid the strong possibility America might have to fight a war on multiple fronts.

Throw in the nagging possibility of a stock market crash – it’s no secret stocks are significantly overvalued thanks to the fed propping them up for years with low interest rates – and the potential of a significant runup in energy prices, particularly if open conflict with Iran or a dustup in the South China Sea should break out, and you could end up with an economic crisis kicking in at the same time the rest of this happens.

What results from this nightmare scenario? I have no idea. But there is a palpable sense that we’re spiraling into uncharted waters as a country, and I have a feeling we are not going to like what’s coming.

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