A Bikini Birthday Cake Triggers An Unhinged Karen Carter Peterson

Friday was State Rep. Mark Abraham’s birthday. He sits on the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget which was meeting to deliberate the latest mid-year budget cuts from the Edwards administration.

His friend, State Rep. Jack McFarland had his wife bake Abraham a two layered yellow cake. It was in the shape of a bikini-clad woman. McFarland presented the cake to Abraham the night before and Abraham decided to bring the cake to the committee meeting the following day to share with colleagues and staffers.

When State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, who runs the Louisiana Democratic Party, saw the cake in a members and staff only side room; she threw a tirade.

From The Advocate:

The cake was left on a table in a private side room, open only to members and staff, next to where the Joint Budget hearing was being held. It had a happy birthday sign to Abraham that read, in part, “He likes his cake and eats it too!!!!”

“I would never want to do anything that is offensive to this body or anyone else for that matter,” Abraham said.

Though he didn’t find the cake offensive, Abraham said he would remove the cake had someone politely told him they personally found it disrespectful.

But Peterson yelled profanity at him.

Peterson said people who entered the room, saw the cake, shook their heads “in disgust” and moved on.

“Once we become comfortable and complacent about a behavior, there are many people who become immune to that inappropriate behavior and by your silence you condone it,” Peterson said. She decided to do something about it and smashed the birthday sign in the cake.

Peterson then expressed her outrage in a series of tweets.

“Rep McFarland & wife apparently wanted to celeb rep Abrams Bday:wife made 2 cakes. This one & one of a vagina! Both were in anteroom!,” she tweeted, which sparked dozens of comments.

There’s one problem with Peterson’s unhinged tweets. It seems that there wasn’t a vagina cake. Both McFarland and Abraham deny the cake exists and not a single capitol staffer or legislator said they saw the supposed vagina cake. Peterson most likely made that cake up.

Now Karen Carter Peterson’s actions show that she needs help. Her medication needs to be adjusted and she may even need to be institutionalized. Her reaction to this cake is not the reaction of a normal person. In fact, this was pretty childish of Peterson.

Peterson decried the state capitol as a “locker room”, but her profane tirade was the only locker room conduct going on at the time. Actually, that’s not fair to athletes. Peterson was acting like a spoiled child.

The cultural Marxist social justice warrior crowd is taking over the Democratic Party on the national level. It seems they’re taking over the Louisiana Democratic Party as well. Given how big of a margin Donald Trump won Louisiana, that’s probably not a winning path forward for Louisiana’s Democrats.





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