VIDEO: And Now For The Most Bizarre Campaign Ad Of The 2016 Election Cycle In Louisiana…

…which is the PAC ad supporting Foster Campbell which has just dropped attacking John Kennedy from the right on abortion.

Here it is, in all its glory…

This thing is running in Lake Charles, Lafayette and Alexandria, and it’s a product of Defend Louisiana – the pro-Campbell Super PAC funded largely by John Bel Edwards’ team. Our readers might remember that Edwards styled himself a pro-life candidate when running for governor last year, then immediately appointed a pro-abortion activist to head of the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

Campbell has made pro-life rhetoric part of his political spiel for a long time, but he’s never really done anything meaningful on the issue. And while it’s true that Kennedy has changed his position on the issue between 2004 and 2008 – as he changed lots of his positions in that time frame – it’s interesting that National Right To Life has endorsed Kennedy and not Campbell.

Why? Because Campbell refused to even answer their questionnaire. If he’s so pro-life that his Super PAC feels comfortable attacking Kennedy for positions he took 25 years ago and has since repudiated, then why wouldn’t he take the time to answer questions about specific issues surrounding abortion? That ought to be easy – and productive, too, because a Democrat who can get National Right To Life’s endorsement, or at least secure part of a double endorsement, is a Democrat who’s more electable than one who can’t.

Do you buy this explanation?

Campbell didn’t do so because the group wanted yes/no answers while Campbell wanted to provide expansive answers, said campaign spokeswoman Mary-Patricia Wray.

“It had nothing to do with the group,” Wray said, adding that the campaign has not filled out similar questionnaires from other groups. “Foster Campbell’s unambiguous 40-year pro-life record cannot be impeached.”

In other words, Campbell is just a moron.

If they want yes/no answers, and you’re on their side, then you give them the pro-life answer. After that’s done, you can write a separate memo and put it out as a press release with the “expansive answers” outlining your position.

Ben Clapper, who is Louisiana’s director for National Right To Life, wasn’t impressed by this in the least…

“We cannot support a candidate who refuses to answer critical questions about how he will vote as a senator,” Clapper said. “We want to see abortion come to an end, and we believe John Kennedy as a U.S. senator will be the best choice to help this race. John Kennedy’s position 25 years ago will have no bearing on how he will vote as a reliable pro-life U.S. senator.”

We’ll give Campbell’s Super PAC credit for a crafty tactical move in attacking Kennedy with the ad. It’s too bad the candidate they support has done such a lousy job of setting himself up to benefit from it. Nobody is going to believe that Foster Campbell would be a more pro-life senator than John Kennedy.

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