Obnoxious-Lefty Elector Harassment Letter No. 50,548 To Garrett Monti Is In A Class By Itself

It really isn’t, but of the ones we’ve seen this is about as far down the rabbit hole as you’ll want to see anyone go.

If you’ve been paying attention to this series (previous installments of which can be found here, here, here, here and here), you’ll know a few things about the deluge of letters, e-mails and even phone calls being poured on electors pledged to Donald Trump demanding they abandon their pledge and make Hillary Clinton president. First, they’re singularly unpersuasive, relying mostly on rote Democrat talking points which in themselves are unpersuasive to anyone not spending all day at Daily Kos or Democratic Underground – which is a symptom of a greater disease infecting the Left; they’ve given up the attempt to win arguments and are instead just trying to foreclose them by use of things like political correctness and outright censorship on college campuses and so forth.

Second, they ramble. Occasionally we’ve seen these messages demonstrate an appreciation for brevity, but very seldom are even those concise – they’ll be brief simply because they have nothing to say. Few, if any, pack a lot of brainpower into a small space. Most are long-winded rants.

And third, they’re emotional. These things aren’t attempts to change the minds of the electors, they’re therapy for the unhinged. This is what makes the campaign of harassment against Trump electors so unacceptably obnoxious – somehow it’s acceptable for Democrats who lack the testicular fortitude to process the fact Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump to work out their mental anguish by using private citizens volunteering to serve a vital role in our electoral system as emotional tampons.

And the case of Monti, a Trump elector from Luling, Louisiana who’s been sharing some of the fruitcakiest messages he’s been getting, he has had over 50,000 e-mails cascading into his inbox, with 12 more days to go before the Electoral College meets.

Example No. 50,548 below hits all three of our usual characteristics, we think, and then goes further into the lunatic fringe…


I, Robert K. Olivieri, citizen of the United States, on behalf of my fellow citizens, am hereby compelled to speak out against the threat I clearly see against my country of the United States by President-Elect Donald J. Trump and his relationship with our adversary, Russia and their President Putin.

I strongly believe Russia has hacked the United States Election to favor Trump and his cronies. I believe many of the President-Elect’s Cabinet choices are Racists and Bigots who have been making false stories to the media.

I strongly believe Russia’s Putin is influencing Trump to cause great harm to the United States and Ukraine. I also believe Russia, along with Trump’s Racist Strategist Bannon, has been infusing, along with Russia, false news stories with the intent to confuse the public in the hopes of them turning against each other. This is a trademark of a foreign enemy to take control of another Country.

Donald J. Trump has been on a campaign to try and make the American media out to be an outlet of false stories, where in fact, he has been the one who has been deceiving the American Public. This, along with Trump’s mocking people with disabilities and many other people who are not like him, is of great concern because Hitler and other Dictators have used this same technique.

I also strongly believe there are many other facts that high ranking officials have to prove I am in line with the justifications of this letter. It is my recommendation, in lieu of believing Donald J. Trump is a Traitor to the United States, that he be arrested for conspiring against the United States to gain favor with again, our adversary, Russia and their President Putin.

In conclusion, I think President Obama needs to put the National Guard on HIGH ALERT while America’s turmoil is handled effectively and a determination has been resolved who is the Legal President of the United States.

On behalf of the Majority of the United States of America, the Democrats, I hope and pray that this letter is taken very seriously. Thank You.

Robert K. Olivieri, very concerned citizen of the United States.

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