VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Destroys Gun Grabber Who Claims Gun Control Works

Tucker Carlson once again has lefty embarrass himself on his program. Carlson had Joshua Horowitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence on his show to talk about Chicago’s high murder rate, despite the city’s strict murder rate.

Horowitz claimed that he had “evidence” showing that gun control laws work to reduce gun crime. Carlson responded “really” and then rattled off the statistics from Chicago: 3,500 shootings and 762 murders. Horowitz claimed that Illinois only had “OK” gun laws and they needed to be more strict. He also claimed that the guns came from out of state.

Carlson responded that New York City has lower gun crimes, despite being close to Vermont which also has much more lax gun laws. Horowitz claimed that New York City was in a “better neighborhood”, despite the fact Vermont and New Hampshire with lax gun laws are close by.

Horowitz asked Carlson if Chicago would be better off with more guns, Carlson responded according to Independent Journal Review, “It depends — in the hands of whom? I would be better off in Chicago with a firearm, but it’s almost impossible for me to get one in Chicago.”

It got even more interesting when Horowitz claimed assault weapons makes killing “more lethal.” Carlson, an AR-15 owner, quickly demonstrated that Horowitz simply didn’t know a whole lot about guns.

By the way, Horowitz never demonstrated his evidence.



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