And Now, The Racism Of The Disgraced And Expelled Troy Brown

We present you with a Facebook post from yesterday morning…

troy brown racist

Brown now says the effort to oust him from his Senate seat following the second no-contest plea for domestic violence was motivated by an attempt to install a white state senator in his majority-black district.

Brown’s district is 57 percent black. Regardless of how few white candidates and how many black candidates there might be, it’s unlikely there wouldn’t be a runoff in the race to succeed him – and if the runoff were to be a white-vs-black affair, the white candidate simply could not win without the assent of a significant number of black voters.

All of which is immaterial to the fact that Troy Brown beat up his mistress and bit his wife, and was arrested for both, and in so doing disgraced himself and the Louisiana Senate. The vast majority of the black Senators voting on his expulsion opted to remove him from office. Concocting fantasies of racist conspiracies to impose a white senator on a black district doesn’t change that fact.

What it does is flesh out for even the most dimwitted observer just how morally unfit this man was to hold public office, and how correct it was for the Senate to purge him.

That said, if Brown is successful in selling his ouster as a racist frame-up, he may make himself the kingmaker in the Senate race. Which is about the best he can hope for in his current state of disgrace. And if he’s able to end up with a state senator in his pocket and a viable political machine in tow, his political career might yet survive in another form. He might even return to the Louisiana legislature as a House member in 2019.

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