EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Why Malcolm Suber Was Kicked Out Of The Communist Party U.S.A.

Take ‘Em Down NOLA, the anti-monument group, is led by a man named Malcolm Suber. Suber is a professional community organizer and a communist. He has been involved in communist causes since the 1970s.

Suber though was kicked out of the Communist Party U.S.A. for being a Maoist.

From Marxists.org:

One year ago in October 1979, an ultra-left faction emerged in Southern Region of the Party, headed by Albert Thrasher of Birmingham and Malcolm Suber New Orleans. Subsequent events have demonstrated that they were counter-revolutionary infiltrators who entered the Party for the sole purpose of destroying the Marxist-Leninist Party. Unable to successfully accomplish this goal, the Thrasher clique succeeded in accumulating forces and resources and engineered a split in the Party, moving to build a Maoist, ultra-left nationalist party, based mainly in the South, abandoning the majority of the industrial proletariat.

There is more recent evidence of Suber’s communist ties. In 2005, Suber took part in a discussion held by the Workers World newspaper about building a “united front” between various Marxist organizations. Here’s what Suber said:

I have been in New Orleans for 27 years, leading many, many struggles of the working-class, oppressed African American nation there. I compare what happened to us in New Orleans to what happened to my ancestors when we were kidnapped and stolen from Africa. The method and means that they got us out was like us on the auction block once again. Men and women, mothers and children, sisters and brothers were split up. When you got on the bus, you didn’t know where you were going. They had officers with guns and soldiers with guns on the bus. You couldn’t get off of the bus.

Many of us who have been active in New Orleans decided to pull together as a united front all of those who had been active in fighting on behalf of the working class and poor people of New Orleans. And we had a meeting a week after the storm, in Baton Rouge, where we began to talk about the necessity of building a movement with supporters around the country to allow our people to get back on their feet and to return home. We have to build an action to take on the inaction of the government, which has exposed itself

After the storm, Suber formed a Marxist, black nationalist party called the Reconstruction Party. He ran for New Orleans City Council under the party’s banner and lost.

The New Republic magazine even described Suber as working from a Marxist/Leninist framework.

Michael “Quess?” Moore, an educator, poet, and playwright, has become one of the faces of this movement. On a recent evening in his New Orleans home, his long dreadlocks draped over his shoulders and chest, he told me what had inspired him to get involved in this project, his stories moving fluidly between past and present. When he moved to New Orleans, Moore, originally from Brooklyn, attended a lecture by two black New Orleans historians, Malcolm Suber and Leon Waters, to whom he attributes the development of much of his political education. Suber and Waters, who run a tour in New Orleans called “Hidden Histories,” have made it their mission to bring to light the parts of black history in the Crescent City that you won’t find in your typical textbook, including Deslondes’s rebellion.

“Malcolm and Leon had this kind of pedagogy that was integrated into organizing work and a Marxist/Leninist framework … then taking that and integrating it with black history and what it meant for black people to live under systemic oppression,” Moore says, shaking his head as if he should have made the connection himself long ago. He says they pointed to those monuments of Davis and others and told him, “‘Okay, this shows you what the state thinks about you; this shows you what the state thinks about the system that oppressed your ancestors and how they still feel about it to this day.’” He pauses and raises his hands on either side of him. “Long story short, it just all clicked for me.”

The attacks on the monuments in New Orleans and now all across the country is nothing less than a mini-Marxist revolution. It’s a part of the radical left’s coordinated attacks on American culture in general. It is called cultural Marxism and it is intended at its core to destroy capitalism and American society.

It is no wonder that Malcolm Suber, a committed communist, is leading this campaign.



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