BATISTE: “Monuments Are Murder,” Says A Mayor Living A Lie

As crime increases and plagues the City of New Orleans, Mayor Mitch Landrieu thinks “monuments are murder.” During a speech to the Center for American Progress in Washington, D.C., Mitch actually addressed criticism about crime by saying, “I respectfully ask if you’ve ever thought about the possibility that these monuments, in a way, are murder.” Monuments….are murder.

Think about those words, then remind yourself: Mitch took the monuments down, if monuments are murder, murder should have ended. Yet he’s blaming bronze sculptures, that were on the National Register of Historic Places, for the New Orleans murder rate. Is there a reporter with an ounce of integrity and drive working in Louisiana?

Unless he means the monuments are crows, defines murder as “the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law.”  Mitch struggles with history as he continues to trudge on that the monuments “were crafted to send a message.”  Landrieu has said for two years they were erected to support white supremacy, although he has never, not once, not ever produced a single thing to support this claim.  He just lies and lies and redirects things to something they are not.

Ironically, the satirical news group Neutral Ground News posted a piece last week in which they joked about Mitch redefining murder. By decriminalizing crimes, Mitch would lower the crime rate. This is supposed to be satire, yet sadly, Landrieu appears to be taking that tact.

For two years Landrieu has led a crusade against historic artwork, crime terrorized the city through the duration of his political conquest.  Since the removal of the monuments, crime has not decreased.  The man has spent two years trying to ride a controversial issue to national prominence while going soft on crime.  He bet the house on red and got a winning murder rate.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzarro penned a scathing op ed after Landrieu recently blamed violence on a lack of witness cooperation by saying, “We cannot do our job if people won’t come forward.”

Mitch blames witnesses for crime, he blames monuments that are in a wooden shed for crime, and he moved a press briefing away from a crime scene out of fear for his own safety.


Victims of crimes and actual murder victims’ families may be confused hearing the Mayor of New Orleans say “monuments are murder.”  New Orleans has plenty of murders each week, no one needs to make up claims about statues too.

Almost laughably, Mayor Landrieu, the man who never acknowledges his African American ancestry, also said, “Race lies at the root of so many problems, but we never really truly reckon with it until there’s a flare-up.”

Maybe one day Mitch may actually reckon with it and admit that he is racially mixed, instead, he’s likely to keep promoting the Landrieu white supremacy.  The Landrieu family changed their race from black on the 1900 census to white on the 1910 census.  Their actions show they think being white is better than being black, the very definition of white supremacy.

Meanwhile, Mitch needs to clear up whether the monuments are murder, or are they murderers.  Mitch’s comments continue to make people scratch their heads in confusion as to whether the source is a satirical news article, or actual quotes from a man who is unofficially running for President.



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