Clay Higgins Might Have Stepped In It, But We Bring You Gary Chambers’ Reaction…

…and we’re willing to bet you’ll agree it’s considerably dumber than what Higgins said in the wake of the London terrorist attack.

In case you missed it, on Monday Higgins popped out a reaction on Facebook to the deadly driving-and-stabbing jihadist blood orgy which took place over the weekend at the London Bridge. Three attackers have been identified – Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba. They were precisely what our readers’ first impressions suggest; none of the current wave of violence sweeping Western Europe is particularly surprising or unpredictable.

Higgins, in a fit of outrage aimed at the people who are clearly responsible for creating havoc throughout Western civilization where large-scale Muslim immigration has persisted (there have been zero jihadist terror attacks in Poland or Hungary or Japan in recent years), issued forth this…

One might question whether so strong a statement befits a member of Congress, though what Higgins said can’t really be called inaccurate or unfair. There has been a civilizational conflict between the Muslim world and the Christian world for some 1400 years, and while most people on the Christian side of that conflict – and it should be said that most people on the Muslim side as well – have no interest in perpetuating that conflict, there is no point in denying there is a significant minority among Muslims who live to keep it going.

Those are the people who commit these terror attacks. And sadly, they find a great deal of justification for what they’re doing within Islamic scripture. Others have attempted to say they’re perverting a peaceful religion, and most of us desperately want to believe that’s true, but Islam demands its devotees act as the Prophet Muhammad did – and the Prophet Muhammad committed more than his share of violent atrocities against non-Muslims.

Meaning that when Higgins claims the West, which he defines as Christendom – that’s an old term which is still accurate to describe the geography of the area covered by Western civilization, though it has a lot fewer actual Christians in it than it used to – is at war with “Islamic horror,” he means that the West is at war with the jihadist minority within Islam. That is a true statement, though it’s made with a flourish not unlikely to get Higgins in trouble.

Then he offers more of a flourish in stating what is current American policy – namely, that terrorist-harboring nations are sanctioned by the federal government, that we are screening for terrorist ties among prospective immigrants to this country and that our military and intelligence professionals are engaged in attempting to take out Muslim terrorists. Put in words perhaps more befitting a member of Congress, Higgins would be saying that more should be done to accomplish those three missions. But he’s still new to the game, and he has a penchant for more colorful, florid language than politicians usually use. That happens to be one reason Higgins got elected – he’s a plain speaker, and folks like that in a leader.

You can say Higgins’ statement is an own-goal of sorts and that popping off like he did is something he’ll regret. We’re agnostic on that subject.

But here’s a reaction to Higgins which is much, much dumber than anything he said, and we had to pass it along as an example of how it’s just not possible to beat its issuer in a race to the bottom…

We could comment about that, but what’s the point? We’ll just remind our readers that Gary Chambers serves on a number of boards advising Baton Rouge mayor-president Sharon Weston Broome.

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