JBE Agrees With SJW Mobs And Opposes Free Speech At Universities

This past legislative session, the legislature passed HB 269 which would’ve required public universities to create policies to protect the free speech rights on university campuses. It was in reaction to the riots at Berkeley earlier this year when Milo tried to speak there.

You would think this was legislation that would be noncontroversial. However, Governor John Bel Edwards decided to veto it.

From The Advocate:

Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Tuesday that he vetoed campus speech and highway bills and signed a hotly-debated measure to change the name of Louisiana’s lone residential high school.

[…]The campus speech legislation would have required management boards for LSU, Southern University and other schools to spell out policies aimed at protecting campus speech, “including without limitation and opinions they (students) find unwelcome, disagreeable or even deeply offensive.” It was sponsored by House Republican Leader Lance Harris, R-Alexandria, a frequent foe of the governor on budget, tax and other issues.

In his veto message, the governor said the legislation is not needed. “This bill is a solution in search of a problem that creates a long, detailed structure for the evaluation of the freedom of expression on college campuses,” Edwards said. The governor added that the legislation is needless because free speech is already protect by the U.S. and state constitutions.

Lance Harris explains why his legislation is needed.

Harris said the bill stemmed in part from the shouting down of conservative speakers at the University of California at Berkeley and elsewhere. He said that, while no such incidents have taken place in Louisiana, he has gotten messages from students and faculty members who said new speech protections are needed.

In a telephone interview Tuesday, Harris called the veto unfortunate.

“As I said in the debate, freedom of speech is under siege on a lot of college campuses around the country,” Harris said. “Really a lot of states have taken pro-active steps to curb idea suppression.”

One of the reasons why JBE vetoed the legislation was that it was written by Lance Harris. Harris is a frequent JBE critic in the legislature. It was a petty veto.


By vetoing this legislation, John Bel Edwards has put himself on the same side as campus SJW mobs who want to supress conservative speech. It shouldn’t be a surprise to Hayride readers. After all, one of his interns tried to punish a fraternity for an anti-Colin Kaepernick banner and was one of the anti-Milo ringleaders at LSU.

We asked at the time if JBE agreed with his intern and opposed free speech at LSU and other universities. Now we have our answer. JBE supports the SJW mobs and opposes free speech and universities.



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