APPEL: The True Recovery Of The American Economy

Wow, that was sooner than any expected, the verdict seems to be in. It has long been speculated that the broad social reform experiments that were conducted under President Obama’s regime were the fundamental cause of economic lethargy of our country’s economy and exasperated great social evils resulting from a lack of prosperity.

Now after but six months into President Trump’s administration and with his very strong commitment to reinvigorate the American free market, the United States economy is clearly on the road to full recovery. The American people have reached a verdict and they are revealing that verdict on the Obama legacy through economic growth unseen in many years.

So what were those impacts of the Obama legacy? Well, first his commitment to a weak form of socialism – let’s call it American socialism – led us in eight short years to massive debt and commitments to social contracts that continue to grow spending out of control. We must remember that this debt is a burden not so much on the current generation as it is on the generations that follow. In effect President Obama, with the assistance of his Democrat and media allies, committed our next generations to sacrifice the promise of their American inheritance in order to pay for the current expense of his vision of a social utopia in which some kind of fairness prevails.

“Fairness” by his definition seemed to mean that no matter one’s talents, capabilities, education, drive, or physical well being, all other American citizens were obligated to contribute ever growing sums in order to guarantee some form of baseline happiness for all; in other times it was called wealth transfer but that term has been disparaged by the media because of its connotation.

To point out that this “new America” flies in the face of traditional American socioeconomic philosophy or that we mortgaged our children’s future for his short term vision is lambasted as uncaring, unfair, or cruel and is immediately condemned by the politically correct media. Tools of the left such as victimhood, identity politics, and class warfare or jealousy have crept into our vernacular; such political practices that were considered anti-American just a few short years ago but today are central in the arsenal of tools used by the Democrat Party.

The new social contract that President Obama tried to entwine into the American ethos was at the far extreme of even the most radical leftist thinkers, way beyond that of the “New Deal” or “The Great Society” eras or even “It Takes a Village.” It represents the closest America has ever come to embracing the socialism of Engels or Marx. Its mandate that we should equalize all citizens because success is “unfair” or even evil looks very much like other failed social experiments in many countries.

But now we have new leadership that has committed to bring America and American interests to the forefront. Leadership based upon the principles that made us great; freedom, capitalism, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity. The stock market, that great sensor of the health of the American economy, has seen a near 25% rise in its value in just six months under President Trump – and the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually hit 22,000 on Wednesday. This is spite of Trump’s rather non-conforming personality and actions.

What could be the driver of this overwhelming recovery? Well, my life experiences teach me that once unfettered from the shackles of the traditional Democrat left wing philosophy, our economic engine always comes to life with efficiency and power. But this time I sense that things are different than other times. This time our economy is poised to explode beyond the norm simply because the socioeconomic philosophy of the Obama administration was so contrary to our traditional American beliefs that its end is bringing on a release of pent up economic growth unlike seen in our history.

Whether the promises of economic prosperity and the diminution of the scourge of social evils that will follow are as a result of President Trump personally or are just the result of the end of the Obama era only history will tell. But it is clear that President Trump in the near term will inherit the benefits of our freedoms and hard work as the American economy springs to life and puts an end to the fiction that was Obama’s American socialism.

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