New Jersey Republican Candidate Gives Calculators To Opponent

According to a recent Facebook Post, Kim Guadagno, a Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey and current Lt. Governor, presented her opponent with a box of calculators.

The calculators were a comical response to her Democrat opponent Phil Murphy’s proposed plan for free community college to all New Jersey residents. According to Guadano, Murphy had originally said the proposal would cost $400 million but later revised it down to $200 million. In the note accompanying the calculators “Team Guadano” said the proposal would actually run over $75 billion.

Yesterday, Phil Murphy initially estimated the cost of his new “free community college for all” program was $400 million, but then changed the estimate to $200 million. His campaign went on to contradict itself again, saying it was impossible to know the actual cost of the program.

Phil Murphy has promised so much spending during his campaign, he can’t keep track! So our campaign volunteers sent him a box of calculators.

Just remember, there’s no such thing as a free lunch! He wants you, the taxpayer, to work longer and harder to pay more in taxes.

According to Murphy’s campaign, his figure comes from the Campaign for Free College Tuition. It is unclear where Guadano’s figure is from. According to Murphy’s own campaign, his plan would create $1.3 billion in new taxes.  New Jersey already has the highest property taxes in the nation.

Murphy said that the federal government also plays a big role in community colleges and that will keep costs from the state down. It is unclear if Murphy realizes that the federal government also receives its money from taxpayers like those in New Jersey as well.

Current, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said this about the proposal, “There are always costs involved, and if college graduates are going to reap the greater economic rewards and opportunities of earning a degree, then it seems fair for them to support the cost of the education they’re receiving. Earning a degree should actually involve earning it.”

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