VIDEO: Angele Davis Sure Does Like Her Some Donald Trump

Here’s the first TV ad Angele Davis’ campaign for Louisiana Treasurer has put out, and it’s a bit confusing…

Obviously, Davis’ consultants took a look at the 2016 election returns in Louisiana, concluded that Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton by 20 points meant it was pretty clear that Trump is popular in the state and decided it would be a good idea to attach her to Trump as a means of defining herself for the election coming up in about five weeks.

But in case people were to get the wrong idea, Davis made sure to lead with how she doesn’t like how Trump says things. That’s one way, we imagine, to soften up whatever damage attaching herself to Trump might do to the female vote Davis will definitely need if she’s going to make the runoff over the two other major Republicans in the race, Sen. Neil Riser (R-Columbia) and Rep. John Schroder (R-Covington).

So there’s some fence-straddling here with respect to how Davis is positioning herself.

But here’s our question – what does Trump’s agenda have to do with the treasurer’s race? And why is Davis so insistent on talking about things which have zero to do with the job she’s running for?

This isn’t a wholesale shot at Davis, who has a background in public finance and might be, from a resume’ standpoint, the most qualified candidate in the treasurer’s race. But while she hasn’t based all of her campaign on irrelevancies like Trump’s agenda, which might be fun to talk about and would be wholly appropriate to a congressional or senate race but has zero to do with what the Louisiana Treasurer does, it’s interesting that this would be the TV ad she pops out.

Some of this isn’t Davis’ fault, necessarily. There is zero interest in the treasurer’s race so far and Louisiana’s voters have more or less never been so disengaged as they are right now. And further, it’s exceptionally difficult to find a relevant issue on which the race might turn – the voters aren’t going to get torqued up about the machinations of the State Bond Commission, which the Treasurer chairs, or the state’s unclaimed property program which the Treasurer runs. Frankly, John Kennedy made the Treasurer’s office a lot more relevant than it ever was by using it as a bully pulpit to talk about fiscal policy. With so little to do, there is no reason why this should be an elected position; it’s essentially Lt. Governor Lite.

Therefore, it’s really not a surprise Davis is cutting campaign ads essentially about nothing. The way things are going, don’t be surprised if Neil Riser cuts an ad about football and John Schroder cuts a spot about his favorite color. They’re doing everything they can to get the voters engaged, and nothing is working.

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