Should We Hit Chauna Banks-Daniel One More Time This Week? Of Course!

After all, the letter Banks-Daniel wrote to the Advocate, published yesterday, was wrongheaded enough, coming from a supposed leader in this town, that it deserves some comment.

In case you missed this, here’s a taste

Let us assume there is a mother and she has two children, then one day one of her children is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The mother begins to miss work, then spends a lot of time in doctor’s offices and hospitals. She is walking the floor at night with concern and prayer; she no longer can give both her children equal time. The mother does not love the sick child more than she loves the healthy child.

However, she must spend considerably more time focusing on getting the sick child healthy, for this child is in crisis. If the mother does not make the necessary lifestyle changes to aid the sick child, then society will say the mother is responsible for medical neglect and child endangerment.

Such is the same with the city of Baton Rouge. The southern portion of the city is healthy and the northern part of the city is sick. Its diagnosis is “oppression.”

In the past 10 years and even today, the northern part of Baton Rouge has been systematically subjected to political, economic, cultural or social degradation because its residents are majority black. It is inflicted with several forms of discrimination: economic, recreation, retail, housing, media and infrastructure. It is currently on life support.

Got that? For a decade when Baton Rouge has had nothing but black mayors, this supposedly racist city has been “oppressing” black people in the northern part of town. And there is “discrimination” against those people with respect to housing and retail.

And infrastructure. Why? Because street projects in North Baton Rouge have been scarce in the last decade. Never mind that the infrastructure in North Baton Rouge was built up decades ago, when it was a middle-class area full of people who had jobs and it was possible to make money operating in the commercial space north of Florida Boulevard and you could walk the streets there without reasonable fear of being randomly shot and killed.

This is such toxic nonsense it could only come from an utter dunce like Banks-Daniel, who earlier this week was busted for living out of her campaign account and will hopefully get hammered for it by the state Board of Ethics.

But her shtick isn’t hers alone. It’s the same crap Gary Chambers spews forth at his site and now on the radio, coming for some reason courtesy of Guaranty Broadcasting who puts him on Talk 107.3 FM three evenings a week with John Delgado. It’s this bogus accusation that the business community has abandoned North Baton Rouge because it’s racist, and that somehow it’s the proper function of the city-parish government to address this “inequity” through an aggressive program of redistribution.

Without much of an effort to understand that drug dealers – or, if you prefer, “CD salesmen,” on street corners or outside of storefronts are poison to legitimate commerce. So is violent crime, which serves as both a cause and an effect of an absence of commerce. So is poor educational performance – included in the definition of which we insist is having schools which are gladiatorial academies where brawls break out daily. So is political corruption, like for example the variety found at the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging which people like Chauna Banks-Daniel defend to the teeth.

No, if she wants to explain the “sickness” of North Baton Rouge Ms. Banks-Daniel would do better to look in the mirror than at the mote in the eyes of the South Baton Rouge business community. When you create conditions which kill commercial activity in your community you are in no position to command that activity to return. Particularly when you refuse to address those conditions.

Here’s a prediction: nothing whatsoever will change for the better in North Baton Rouge until the corrupt, grasping and moronic political class which holds sway there is run out of power. And in the meantime the fewer productive dollars are poured into their maw, the better.

Two exit questions for Chauna Banks-Daniel, Gary Chambers and the rest of the something-for-nothing crowd…

1. Rather than demanding government dollars for North Baton Rouge, why aren’t you busy trying to start businesses which can profit there? For example, why are all the convenience stores there owned by Arabs and Koreans?

2. Given the vast disparities in poverty rates between intact families and single-mother households, where is your commitment to the cultural change among the citizens of North Baton Rouge where those single-mother households are ubiquitous?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

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