Now There’s A State Of Emergency In Louisiana

Yes, the northerners are laughing at us for Gov. John Bel Edwards declaring an emergency because of a bit of snow and it turning cold. But like the internet meme says, they need to recognize that this is rare for us – almost like a Northern school winning the national championship in college football.

Anyway, the governor just made the emergency declaration.

Now the Northerners are really laughing, because you salt the roads BEFORE the freezing rain and snow comes rather than after, which does little good. So there’s your DOTD at work.

Whether this matters or not is a decent question, since everybody already knows the state is shut down. There are power outages all over the place, and the roads were closed all morning pretty much everywhere. You don’t need the governor to declare an emergency to know that.

Oh, you’re not convinced the roads are closed everywhere? Do you need convincing?

And by now everybody has seen pictures like this one of I-10 at College Drive in Baton Rouge…

And by now everybody has seen the video of the couyons skiing behind a truck on the I-10 basin bridge yesterday…

But that doesn’t beat the snow humor of what happened in Georgia…

It’s a snow day, all right. Hope you’re properly provisioned.

Here’s what’s fun – the high Sunday in Baton Rouge is supposed to be 70 degrees. How do you get from here to there in so short a time?

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