VIDEO: Pro-Kennedy PAC Celebrates His Greatest Hits

John Kennedy has become a favorite guest on news programs because of his country-boy sense of humor. Love him or hate him, no one deny that Kennedy has a unique and simple way of communicating that resonates with people.

A third-party group called the Louisiana Conservative PAC has put out a video stringing together some of Senator Kennedy’s best zinger moments on TV.

“I had a friend who always used to say: here’s my advice, be your self…unless you suck,” Kennedy says to a laughing Fox News host.

The video highlights Kennedy’s “no” vote on the trillion dollar budget deficit a few weeks ago and new legislation that the Senator has authored to end Social Security payments to dead people. Kennedy actually named that legislation the “Stop Paying Dead People Act.”

The Senator tells the CNN host: “In many states you can vote if you’re dead, but cashing checks is carrying a good joke too far.

Regarding the Visa Lottery Program, which the Senator has authored legislation to end, Kennedy jokes “Whoever came up with that idea is as dumb as a brick”.

All in all, the video is a victory lap for what has been a very conservative first year for the junior senator. Kennedy, who first won elected office as a Democrat, has risen to be one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate – voting most often with the likes of Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

For conservatives in Louisiana, the Senator’s voting record has probably been a pleasant surprise. His sense of humor and media quips are something we expected; he’s regaled us with those for years. It has been fun to watch those play out on a national stage.


While Kennedy has said nothing in regards to it, the Senator has quickly become the frontrunner for Governor in the hearts and minds of much of the Louisiana Republican base. He has not indicated whether or not that job interests him.

Kennedy has gone out of his way on more than one occasion to take swipes at Louisiana problems. The top of that list has been his criticism of the prison release program implemented on November 1st of last year, releasing 1900 criminals back onto the streets. That is far from a federal issue and really seemed to politicos to be a hat tip of the Senators future intentions. He also weighed in heavily on the EBR Council on Aging fiasco that went down under Mayor Broome last year – another local issue where Senatorial input is certainly atypical.

Perhaps what makes Kennedy most attractive as a candidate for Governor is what comes out in this video. Kennedy has a unique way of explaining things. As informed voters watch a budget process continuously hit a brick wall because of a flawed system, and watch a liberal Governor look for any chance he can get to raise taxes, many folks see Kennedy as the best chance conservatives have for explaining to 4.6 million Louisianians why we need BIG reform and no number of special sessions will ever fix this budget mess.

Kennedy is certainly an interesting prospect for Governor. With a little under 18 months to go before qualifying, we will certainly see soon enough what the Senator intends to do.



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