Never Trumper Evan McMullin Is Apparently Breaking Campaign Finance Law And Stiffing Campaign Staffers

Former Presidential candidate Evan McMullin has allegedly been in violation of campaign finance laws and has refused to pay former campaign staffers and vendors. The explosive accusations were made in a series of investigative reports by the Daily Caller.

McMullin, a former CIA agent and House GOP policy analyst, billed himself as an independent conservative and a part of the “Never Trump” movement. He was supposed to be an option for those who could not bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It was certainly an admirable enough goal, but he only received 728,000 votes. He failed to finish higher than 3rd place in any state, even in Utah where spent considerable resources.

Now McMullin, who is a high profile critic of President Trump, has been accused of violating campaing finance laws and not paying former campaign staffers and vendors.

From The Daily Caller:

Former presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s failed campaign ended its quixotic journey six-figures in debt as of summer 2017, and records show it has missed every deadline to file the required financial statements since then, according to a review by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) sent numerous letters to the McMullin For President Committee over the last year warning that the organization risks fines for failing to file and for making errors on financial statements it did manage to submit.

McMullin’s committee was nearly $645,000 in debt just after the 2016 presidential election, according to a financial statement the group filed to the FEC in December 2016. By July 2017, it increased to nearly $670,000, that month’s filing shows.

That was the last financial statement McMullin’s committee filed. Since then, the organization has missed three deadlines, including one that passed Sunday. The FEC has consequently sent the group warnings that it could face penalties if it doesn’t provide the necessary information.

McMullin’s financial and legal problems has not stopped the holier-than-thou candidate from attacking President Trump over his legal issues.

McMullin has implied on multiple occasions that Trump could be involved in various criminal activity. He responded on April 10 to the president’s tweet that “Attorney-client privilege is dead!” with “Your attorney has no privilege to commit crimes for you or himself.”

In December 2017, McMullin tweeted that House Republicans “are attempting to weaken U.S. law enforcement so that it can’t hold the Trump administration accountable for potential crimes.”

McMullin even has the audacity to lecture President Trump on the debt.

Not only does McMullin not obey campaign finance laws, he stiffs former campaign employees. Many of these people have families and gave up other campaign work to work for McMullin.

Here’s how one of those stiffed campaign employees describes McMullin.

“Guys like [McMullin] are up on their high horse. I want the American public to know that this guy isn’t suitable to be in office anywhere. I wouldn’t even trust him on my local city council knowing what I know now, he said. “There’s just no remorse. He’s simply unimpressive when it comes to how he conducted himself as a candidate. I look back and I see that this is not a guy who is a leader, a leader doesn’t act like this.”

What’s McMullin up to now? He has another organization, Stand Up Republic, whose sole purpose seems to be to line his pockets and run troll ads on “Morning Joe.” He also appears frequently on CNN and MSNBC. Finally, he uses his social media presence to prop up various neocon pseudo-intellectuals.

The people who thought they were taking a stand for integrity against a Republican Party that was corrupted by Donald Trump were duped. Evan McMullin is just another opportunistic grifter taking advantage of people.

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