We’ve Made Some Changes To The Mighty Hayride, And You Should Check It Out!

By now our readers are likely familiar with the fact we’re building our own little social media network to go with The Hayride, and it’s steadily progressing into something we’re happy with.

Obviously, the bigger it gets the better. There is something called a Network Effect, which essentially is that the more people access in and participate in a thing, the more features it grows and the more valuable it becomes. We’re beginning to see that with The Mighty Hayride.

What we also like is that Mighty Networks, which is the platform we’re using for The Mighty Hayride, is rapidly improving their offerings. They’re adding integration with other apps all the time, and as a result we’re gaining capabilities for things like podcasts, which we’re hoping to debut perhaps this fall at The Mighty Hayride, and online courses. That’s a big deal which is perhaps outside of our wheelhouse, but on the other hand it could be something we might have interest in pursuing. Specifically, a lot of folks on the inside of the conservative movement in Louisiana have expressed the need for conservatives to get a lot better in the recruitment and training of political candidates, and using TMH to institute some online courses with respect to that could be a small way to address that need. Also, we’ve considered the idea of putting together something akin to A Conservative History Of Louisiana Politics, which rather than a book could be an online course.

In any event, The Mighty Hayride has capabilities which could facilitate those things. We’re germinating ideas on how to take advantage of those capabilities.

But today, something new popped that we’re proud of, which is that the navigation of The Mighty Hayride has changed. Here’s a screenshot…


If you’re familiar with The Mighty Hayride that left-hand side navigation is different – those functions used to be accessible through a little button on the right of the navigation bar at the top. Now they’re a bit more user-friendly and the page looks a little less sparse on a desktop view.

And if all of this is news to you, then would you please do yourself a favor, click here and join the thing? You won’t regret it.



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