YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Dorothy Jackson Is Now Suing The Plummer Family

In case you need a refresher on who Dorothy Jackson is, she’s the Southern University law professor and board member of the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging who drafted a will for 95-year old COA client Helen Plummer in which was written some $120,000 in executrix fees over 20 years for the COA’s director Tasha Clark Amar. And when Plummer died and Amar then accosted her family for those fees, all hell broke loose.

Which led to Jackson’s suspension and eventual firing at Southern, whereupon she attempted to bill the Plummer family $10,000 for attorney’s fees to set up a fraudulent will.

The family obviously didn’t take to that and blew the whistle on it to the local media, and now we have a defamation suit filed against the family by Jackson. Will wonders never cease?

Former Southern University Law Professor Dorothy Jackson is suing the Plummer family.

The lawsuit was filed Monday.

Jackson was terminated after she drafted a will at Southern’s Elder Law Clinic for Helen Plummer, a client at the Council on Aging. Plummer did not qualify because she wasn’t considered poor.

The will would have benefited Council on Aging Director Tasha Clark Amar by her receiving $120,000. Jackson also submitted a bill for her work, but all sides backed off when the WBRZ Investigative Unit exposed what happened.

Reports say the lawsuit filed by Jackson claims statements about the will to WBRZ and other news outlets were defamatory and malicious.

It really needs to be recognized that Dorothy Jackson, who was fired by Southern University, is still a member of the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging’s board. That’s how completely putrid this swamp-dwelling agency is.

It’s probably just a matter of time before Dorothy Jackson is disbarred over the Plummer will, but in the meantime what’s going to be most interesting is how her lawsuit is batted around at the 19th Judicial District Court between that district’s judges who generally want no part of a COA case given that Clark Amar’s mother is Judge Janice Clark. Fear of the judge is what has kept the District Attorney’s office from prosecuting that case for fraud or recusing itself from that prosecution so that the Attorney General’s office can step in.

But these things have a way of shaking themselves out given time. If nothing else there’s something called an anti-SLAPP motion the Plummer family can take advantage of in frivolous defamation cases like this one, and using it successfully can terminate such a lawsuit at cost to the plaintiff.

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