TRAGIC: Felon Kills 4 Children During 21-Hour Standoff

A shocking and tragic incident of child murder occurred in Orlando, Florida, after a felon shot four children, two of whom were his own, and engaged in a 21-hour standoff with police, leaving one officer in critical condition.

In response to a domestic battery charge, police officers came to the door of the apartment where Gary Lindsey was allegedly staying with his girlfriend Ciara Lopez and her four children. She was the mother of all four children, he was the father of two, according to a statement released by the Orlando Police Department.

Lopez escaped the apartment and left her four children inside.

Lindsey fired at the officers and seriously wounded Officer Kevin Valencia, who is in a coma. He then holed up in the apartment for nearly 24 hours. When officers finally entered the apartment at 9pm, they found him dead in a closet.

They also found two dead children in one bedroom, and two dead children in another bedroom. The medical examiner reported that they were killed by bullets from Lindsey’s handgun.

The mother of the children told the Orlando Sentinel that she’s “heartbroken.”

Family spokesman Walter Benenati said money is being pledged to help cover funeral expenses.

Court records show Lindsey had an extensive criminal history involving arson, battery and theft. He was on probation for several charges, including arson.

Why he was on probation and allowed to be around children is yet another example of this country’s failed criminal justice system. Had he still be in jail, perhaps the children would have not been killed.



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