VIDEO: How About A Discussion Of The IG Report For A While, Instead Of The Fake “Children’s Crisis?”

By now it ought to be obvious to everyone that a two-decades-old “crisis” at the border, wherein illegal aliens caught trying to sneak into the United States with children in tow – sometimes those kids being the offspring of said illegals, but sometimes not, and with far less paperwork than would be necessary to sort out which is which – are often separated from those children by law enforcement authorities charged with processing those illegals, is being pushed on the American public as a ruse to distract attention from the rather devastating Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mails case.

The IG report is the true bombshell in American politics, not the fake “children’s crisis” in Texas. It’s fairly clear the partisan Democrat media is doing everything it can to divert attention from the total corruption of the FBI the IG report exposes.

Interestingly, the IG report itself is evidence of corruption within our government – as it goes on for 500 pages detailing obvious examples of bias and misdeeds by partisan members of the FBI and Department of Justice aiming to cover up a clear violation of the Espionage Act by Clinton in conducting State Department business on a private, unsecured e-mail server while then offering up a conclusion denying that bias was instrumental in how the FBI conducted its investigation. That’s clearly wrong, and this week Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before Congress to defend the report.

And during that testimony, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina), who is a former federal prosecutor and when he wants to be is perhaps the best examiner of government officials Congress has, walked Horowitz through this failure to connect the dots…

That’s pretty compelling video, and one gets the impression that if Gowdy was a Democrat and the FBI had been investigating a Republican Hillary Clinton you’d see it covered non-stop by the legacy media – with that clip rivaling the most high-profile moments of the Watergate scandal. Instead? Instead we get this…


And garbage like this from the leftist activists – in this case paid for by taxpayer dollars at a state university – amplifying the “crisis”…

Don’t be fooled by the legacy media. They don’t govern your mind, and they no longer deserve your respect. They exist to propagandize the public, not inform it.



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