VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Annihilates The Illegal-Immigrant “Children’s Crisis” Narrative

Over the weekend and especially on Monday, the heat got turned up in a colossal way over this business of how the Trump administration is committing supposed “atrocities” against illegal immigrant kids by separating them from their parents when they’re caught at the border attempting to come to America.

And naturally, every bit of this is crap. It’s pure Fake News media spin. The administration is following a policy that was originally put in place in the late 1990’s and to one extent or another has been perpetuated in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations before President Donald Trump took office.

What’s more, the only practical way not to “separated” parents from children would be to just let in anyone who wants to come in illegally – since we’re told over and over again how impossible it is to send everyone home.

What’s also Fake News media spin is the focus of the evils of Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy because it separates parents from children rather than the other side of the equation. One might well expect, in a saner world, the media outrage to focus on the barbarian Third World parents who by their irresponsible actions force the U.S. government to separate those families by breaking the law.

Because after all, nobody ever questions why American families are separated when Americans are convicted of crimes and imprisoned. That’s accepted as a foreseeable and necessary consequence to illegal behavior.

As Tucker Carson noted Monday night, what the sudden outrage over family separations among illegals caught at the border really tells us is who our media elite are and what they care about – and the answer is they sure don’t care about Americans; it’s the treatment given to foreigners which arouses their indignation. Carlson doubles down by noting that it’s left-wing policies which have done more to separate American families than Trump will ever manage to do to illegals, and that isn’t even recognized often.

One final thing on this subject, which is this, the Worst Tweet In The History Of Mankind courtesy of Planned Parenthood – which has led the league in separating kids from their mothers for half a century…

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