Texas’ Favorite Emoji is on Fire!

Reviews.org released it’s annual report, “Your State’s Favorite Emoji,” on July 9th. It normally reviews tech products and other in-home services, but this time reviewed something a little more fun.

By cross-referencing national Google trends data, Reviews.org determined each state’s favorite emoji. It states:

“Here at Reviews.org, we wanted to explore our beloved emojis on a deeper level, so we set off to see what emoji each state has Googled the most in the past twelve months. There was an informal poll taken as to everyone’s most used emoji and a thorough stalk of Instagram (for work, so it’s ok) to find the sixteen emojis that apparently enrapture (or baffle?) the United States.”

Here’s the list of each state’s favorite emoji. There is no data for New Hampshire, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Delaware.

Texans use the fire emoji most — in the “state where it’s so hot shoes melt,” reviews.org said.

Here are the other states’ favorites:

😍 Heart eyes: Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Wisconsin.

👍 Thumb’s Up: Maine and Vermont.

💩 Pile of Poo: Nevada, Oklahoma, Iowa, and West Virginia.

😒 Unamused face: Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and New Jersey.

😋 Smiling delicious face: Virginia, Michigan, and Massachusetts.

😭 Loudly crying face: Florida, Tennessee, and Washington.

😘 Face blowing a kiss:  Alabama and Connecticut.

🙌 Double high-five: California and Pennsylvania.

🙄 Face With Rolling Eyes: Mississippi and Arkansas.

💯: Louisiana

🙈See no Evil Monkey: New York

😫 Tired Face: North Carolina

🍆 Eggplant: South Carolina



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